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  1. I just tested it, 1.3.1-3 works. 1.3.1-4+ dont
  2. Hi, I did a fresh 1.3.1 install, played 2 min, then installed Kopernicus 1.3.1-6, ModularFlightIntegrator and module manager 3.0.4 with Ckan, RSS, RSS-Textures and RSS1.3fix.cfg file I have no ocean under 100 km Space view is OK: No oceans at sea level: Ocean starts to appear at horizon:
  3. Toqui


    thanks I have used SASS for few days with ckan. Lot of parts mods, USI, Interstellar, utilitaries (around 60 mods) and it worked fine (except the 6mins loading) until I try the EVE/Scaterrer beta patch. I have patched 7-8 other mods with Eve and Scatt before to try to launch the game (bad idea for feedback). I have get a solo.dll error at the end of the loading. I have tried to uninstall all mods, then to launch the game, it was ok. Then I have installed just SASS (with ckan) and solo.dll error again. I'am running 1.3.1 x64 dx11 forced Edit: I have uninstalled game and now I can't install SASS.with ckan it says "Module Kopernicus has not been found. This may be because it is not compatible with the currently installed version of KSP" and if I try to install Kopernicus first it say "SASS conflicts with kopernicus"
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    Hi Sigma, Thanks for your work! I've seen you also work on SSRSS. Can you tell me what are the differences between SSRSS and SASS? I want to play a realistic Solar system, with realist mecanics Have a nice day
  5. Hi, I want to change the dry/wet mass ratio of KW Rocketery SA-2 LFT fuel tank but I can't find how. [Edit] ok I found it, I post it maybe it will help someone else. In the KW_ModularFuelTanks.cfg file (GameData/ModularFuelTanks) find the type of the part (here Default) and rename it as you wish (Perso). This when way you will not change every Default typed parts Then in the TankTypes.cfg file (GameData/ModularFuelTanks/Resources) clone the TANK_DEFINITION of the type Default and change the name of the clone for Perso. This when way you will not change every Default typed parts. Now change the basemass. KW_ModularFuelTanks.cfg: TankTypes.cfg:
  6. Hi, I just fixed the "unsupported KSP verion" if someone is interested: Open your KerbalEngineer.version file with Wordpad and change it this way (if you are running 1.3.1): Have a nice day @mod: sorry for multipost
  7. I love this team!!! thx!