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  1. I think it not working because of new texturereplacer version(s), that has a many changes u can read bout them here: I also tested that w/ TRR (RangeMachine's release) on 1.6.1 it dont work We're just need a man who can edit mod 4 new versions of TR/KSP
  2. i'm gonna play to RSS/RO in 1.4.5 but we dont have RO for this version, on github exists "hold for release" on RO 12.5 for KSP 1.4.5 in pull requests section I really waiting RO on 1.4.5 but when u going to release it? thank for ur answer P.S. what u know 'bout RSSVE update for 1.4.5?
  3. I hope anybody make RO configs for this mod... You thinking about continue of Space Shuttle System and Energia/Buran mods?