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  1. so we say we can safely remove whole procedural mod and should be fine ? Simple solution would be to remove procedural mod from suggested parts and move it to supported to make it clear SETI by default can work without them. What worries me more is this broken MM configs and bugged contracts Iv mentioned. Would be nice to have it fixed before 1.4. This is what I hate on moded based games like minecraft. Constant compatibility balance issues and wating for last missing mod update or bug fix ... and once it seems its really close for all mods being up to date they release new kerbal or minecraft version and all goes to ... again... I know how difficult it is. You start mod for fun and it becomes chore.
  2. so maybe it was too hasty comment I did played just like 4 hours but it does not feels right from tech tree unlocking perspective to have all sizes right away. larger or super small parts should be unlocked via research. But Im person that likes games with balanced to the dota level and locked rules .... rather than only rule being define yours own rules.
  3. Hello again and sorry for being so active today on forum, so I have reconfigured configs best I could according my above post to remove all MM errors and did try to play. a)First there is bug with base game contracts. I do see some basic contracts like reach orbit in when I click on "available" button. Same contract is not visible on sorted contract view. If I accept it I get cash but soon as I click on hangar building contract is gone from my active contract and is again in offers. I use just 1.3.1 base game + CKAN installed meta modpack ... no other mods. So was are base game contracts meant to be disabled in SETI by design or not ? Is there way to fix it ? b)option to resize components as I need seems to me like cheating research system. But I dont want to disable that procedural parts mod as I presume it could break intended balance design or my ability to progress in game properly. Every one who has balance in mind would design SETI without this mod or restrict it to allow just few parts resizing and only certain sizes. Otherwise it breaks whole point of balanced tech tree and makes lot research useless like large tanks. .... I do not take for any helpful reply answer "Do not resize components if you not like it" If it does not make sense it should be corrected not ignored. o and one short note. there is 1.4 release coming in March and if SETI for 1.3.1 does not get stabilized than this pack becomes unusable mess. Some of the mods will be on 1.4 not supporting 1.3.1 properly and few will be not even up to date to support 1.3.1. .... Would be great to have some somewhat stable build without major annoying bugs and obvious balance issues before 1.4. Lot of the issues are items that could be fixed in few minutes for person who cares to test and play ... if any one cares any more that is. I doubt that SETI mod author has played SETI last year for more than 2 hours. (this is not meant as criticism but as feedback and impression after testing MOD)
  4. Thanks I have figured out that part. I have some doubts about some changes I made. Can someone please doble check that changes are made are correct ? (I have no idea what am I changing) ------------------------------------------------------------------- 166: @PART[*]:HAS[~name[RetroMk1inline],@MODULE[ModuleCommand],#CrewCapacity[*],~CrewCapacity[0],~author[*RoverDude*]]:NEEDS[TacLifeSupport]:AFTER[TacLifeSupport]:AFTER[SETIrebalance] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And this is what I did with probestack cfgs to get no longer errors: Can you confirm that it is correct ? @PART[setiProbeStack2]:NEEDS[RemoteTech,!SETIrebalance]:AFTER[RemoteTech]:FOR[SETIprobeParts] { %MODULE[ModuleSPU] {} } @PART[setiProbeStack2]:NEEDS[RemoteTech]:AFTER[RemoteTech]:FOR[SETIprobeParts] ........---------------------------------------------------------------------- @PART[setiProbeStack1]:NEEDS[RemoteTech]:AFTER[RemoteTech]:FOR[SETIprobeParts] { !MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitter] {} } @PART[setiProbeStack1]:NEEDS[RemoteTech,!SETIrebalance]:AFTER[RemoteTech]:FOR[SETIprobeParts] ..........------------------------------------------------------------------------ Also I have found folowing changes on this forum they do not affect MM errors but qestion is should I change things like this ? @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand]]:NEEDS[KerbalEngineer]:FOR[zzzzSETIrebalance] { %MODULE[BuildEngineer] {} } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand]]:NEEDS[KerbalEngineer]:FOR[zzzzSETIrebalance] { %MODULE[FlightEngineer]{} !MODULE[FlightEngineer]{} %MODULE[FlightEngineerModule]{} }
  5. Thanks for re, I got no other mods I want just SETI mods. I think I can manage to change configs. I have list of .cfg files from logs that are affected. Just its not clear to me if I need to remove all FORs or just some but I try to see if I can figure that out. Does it makes any gameplay changes for me even I fix this FORs in configs ? Or it just cosmetic to not have errors ?
  6. Hi, I was reading this forum to figure out how run SETI but Im all confused with all that config tweeks suggested or people stating it should run on 1.3.0. Im using CKAN to install Meta Mod and all recomanded mods. I get lots of MM erros durring load. How should I install SETI as of today 10-Feb to make it work as much as it was intendent without errors missing parts and bugged missions ? I dont mind using 1.3.0 but when I try to do so I get same MM errors as when I try to run 1.3.1 ... A) Should I use 1.3.0 or 1.3.1 to make SETI working ? (I dont want to have broken missions and missing stuff ) B) Can I just ingnore MM errors do they idicating someting that will break my gameplay ? If it does break/affect game can you sumarize how to edit configs to make it run properly ?