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  1. Hi, I was reading this forum to figure out how run SETI but Im all confused with all that config tweeks suggested or people stating it should run on 1.3.0. Im using CKAN to install Meta Mod and all recomanded mods. I get lots of MM erros durring load. How should I install SETI as of today 10-Feb to make it work as much as it was intendent without errors missing parts and bugged missions ? I dont mind using 1.3.0 but when I try to do so I get same MM errors as when I try to run 1.3.1 ... A) Should I use 1.3.0 or 1.3.1 to make SETI working ? (I dont want to have broken missions and missing stuff ) B) Can I just ingnore MM errors do they idicating someting that will break my gameplay ? If it does break/affect game can you sumarize how to edit configs to make it run properly ?