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  1. Hi can any one recommend any mods to enhance my current career save mods I already have include all MkS/usi including ls, opm, kis/kas, pathfinder, scansat, planets shine, eve, extra solar, scatterer, chatterer, all near future, svt, dpai, doe, planetary base, kerbal engineer kac, sep, d magic, ferram and too many others to name off the top of my head have over 3000 hours looking for complicated mods to further build up my colonies or other planet or systems that will not conflict with the ones i already have any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Currently using version 4.3
  2. Usi mks . Scatterer . Kis/kas
  3. After 1.4.1 and updating my mods missing heavy cargo chutes the square orange ones from usi any ideas?
  4. Hey rover dude any idea were the square orange heavy cargo chutes have gone? Can't seem to find them after updating to 1.4.1 and the usi compatability update have they been removed installed it twice? Any known issues.

    1. RoverDude


      They should still be there... nothing has changed

  5. Remove kopernicous if you hAve it installed 1.4 is incompatible till its updated.
  6. Any one else excited for 1.4.1 tomorrow? Usi/mks, ker, planetary base,all nearfuture, scatterer, chatterer, mech jeb2, eve all done for 1.4.0 however Svt, sve and kopernicous must be waiting for 1.4.1. But I take my hat off for the speed that the Modders have updated the unity engine switch has been the biggest change as mods are concerned keep up the good work guys ! And a big thanks to squad for making ksp as awesome as it is and hope to see if take two can carry on !
  7. Ksp v.1.3.1 every time when exiting minmus soi I take a huge fps hit is this a common issue? What mod could cause this? Switching vessel and then returning fixes it just a little annoying.
  8. Ksp v.1.3.1 kontainers and Mks modules not showing up in vab or sph catagorys parts are there but only when I use filter by tech level any idea how I can solve this?
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