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  1. Hello everyone, What I want to know is the proper way to get a working part from Blender into KSP. This may be the umptieth time the question has been asked, but... I cannot find the answer when searching this forum or Google for the current solution (KSP 1.3.1). So it is either not there or, more likely, I'm looking in the wrong place and asking the wrong questions. 1. Is a direct export for KSP possible or is Unity required as a step in between? If possible, what are the steps and requirements to do so? 2. If an export from Blender to Unity using Part Tools is necessary, how do i get that to work on a Mac? The version of Unity needed seems to be 5.4.0 and PartTools need to be installed. I found this link: ... but the zip file seems unusable,it does not unzip into a bundle file that I can install in Unity (at least not on a Mac). Any help is greatly appreciated. EDIT: I finally got it working through Unity. It would be great if the instructions in the Modeling and Texturing Discussion section on the sticky post would be updated for 1.3. It cost quite a bit of digging through thread posts. My conclusion is that using the search function of the forum and with Google only brings up outdated information. SOLUTION: Downloaded Unity 5.2.4 and used these posts: