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  1. Intrusive, in-game microtransactions. If Take 2 want to sell skins to make ships pretty that isn't a problem for me, but the more predatory types would be a no-no. Apart from that I can't think of anything.
  2. I see I'm not the only one; about 20 minutes with 90 or so mods.
  3. I don't see the problem with console users getting nice things. If it comes to PC and anyone doesn't want to use it, they don't have to. It's not as though KSP was a multiplayer live game where you have to cope with the changes like them or not.
  4. I too like the proposed improvement to the Mk1 capsule.
  5. I like the new suit texture (I voted for red), but I'm not a fan of the dull helmet. I think it would look better with some colour on it.
  6. Do you have the Stability Augmentation System engaged? The keyboard shortcut is the 'T' key. This does need a capsule crewed by a pilot or a probe control unit to work. I hope this might cure your problem.
  7. This is my opinion too. On topic, I like the idea of ruins of alien or previous Kerbal civilisations. Single-celled or primitive non-kerballoid, (is that even a word lol) life, that can be investigated for more science, might be a good idea. Aliens that need to be interacted with is, IMO not a good idea.
  8. It's the Koperniucus mod, I removed it and the problem has gone.
  9. After installing 1.4.3 I'm having problems with solar panels. Both flat and folding panels report no sun exposure and collect no charge even when in full sun.
  10. I've just installed the 1.4.3 patch and now I find that none of my solar panels are provinding power. Both flat and folding panels show 0.0 sun exposure even when in full sun. Is this a bug or just me?
  11. Thanks for the replies , especially Mark's. Holding down the W key makes Jebediah climb the ladder and S makes him decend! Many thanks.
  12. Hi everybody, I have a problem. Jebediah is holding the bottom of his Kelus-LV Bay Mobility Enhancer (ladder), which is attached to a lander, and when I press (F) to get him to climb up he goes up a few rungs and falls off. Fortunately this is a test on the runway at KSC but how do I get him to climb the rest of the way to his capsule?
  13. Could we have an extra crew module for a Big Gemini type vehicle please.