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  1. @DoctorDavinci I installed NSI WE only after I could'nt get NKD to work. Besides that NSI WE does not work with BDAc v1.1.0 just like NKD won't work with v1.0.0, so they are currently exclusive to each other anyway.
  2. @kspplayer2469 Yes I triple checked everything. My versions were definiteley the right ones. Even after a full clean reinstall of KSP and BDAc/NKD, NKD Nukes still cease to work properly for me. I am currently using Next Star Industries' Weapon extension since the nukes work with the v.1.0 version of BDAc. As I am now out of solutions for getting the NKD nukes to function and relying on the weapon extension I won't continue my search for errors.
  3. Thanks for the explanation with the new damage model. But I installed both versions of BDAc and NKD correctly in the first place with the .dll file in the right folder. The nukes are still not working properly in regards of radius and effects.
  4. @harpwner @DoctorDavinci I can confirm that most of the nuclear parts (both official SpaceDock and Curseforge download) have 0 blast radius and power in the .cfg files. Besides that the mushroom clouds do not seem to be triggered at all. Example (B83 Bomb): MODULE { name = MissileLauncher shortName = B83 NUCLEAR thrust = 0 //KN thrust during boost phase cruiseThrust = 0 //thrust during cruise phase dropTime = 1 //how many seconds after release until engine ignites boostTime = 0 //seconds of boost phase cruiseTime = 80 //seconds of cruise phase guidanceActive = false //missile has guidanceActive blastRadius = 0 //meters blastPower = 0 maxTurnRateDPS = 10 //degrees per second missileType = bomb targetingType = gps homingType = AGMBallistic optimumAirspeed = 300 aero = true liftArea = 0.013 steerMult = 2 maxTorque = 10 }
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