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  1. that is exactly the point, it could make the game even more fun and realistic ! one should wait months before reaching other planets and well anticipate its manoeuvres =)
  2. Chumpes

    What to do, what to do?

    we do not have martin luther king's day in europe, so keep labor day, it is fine for us ! by the way who was martin luther king ? =)
  3. about time warp... if time warp is a problem for multiplayer, first multiplayer version could be real time, i.e. no possibility to warp time... players would have to anticipate their move irl =) about part counts... ships could be represented by a simple spot with ID information, then players could select whether they want to share their ship or not, and other players would have to accept the sharing of other ships.
  4. How do you roll dice in space ? =)
  5. Chumpes

    landing on minmus

    try 0.5m/s instead of 3m/s at touchdown
  6. Chumpes

    Is this a good simple plane design?

    yes you are right brikoleur the problem of the game ksp is that the blue Arrow/point should be representative of overall aero-forces (that depend on the speed and plane angle), not only so called "ksp lift" that is not strictly the lift (vertical) because some portion of this "ksp lift" can be transformed to drag (horizontal), by tilting the main wings for example (blue Arrow no more strictly vertical).
  7. Chumpes

    Is this a good simple plane design?

    in my point of view center of drag = center of lift = blue spot = "hypothetical point at which the application of the sum of aero-forces will induce the same momentum as what is observed on the actual plane" in fact this is not perfectely true because aero-forces = drag + lift hum... something that mustn't ever be in front of should better be placed behind =)) i.e. : the blue spot behind the brown spot you can try mooving the principal wings a little bit forth and back and see the effect on manouvrability
  8. Chumpes

    Is this a good simple plane design?

    the center of mass shall remain in front of the center of drag, which is not the case here.
  9. Chumpes

    Mun Rockets tipping over on launch

    yo your center of drag may be above your center of mass, which will certainly cause the flip of your vessel. make sure you add some winglet at the tail of your craft so the center of drag switches below the center of mass...
  10. Chumpes

    lost of WSADQE

    HI topic up since the problem still exists and no answer was ever provided. reminder : before 1.4 : no problem with my french keyboard, used to type out on the "M" key for map, "Z" for full throttle and "X" key for zero throttle, "]" for switching ships... with 1.4 : problem with my french keyboard that is not recognized any more, I have to type out on the "W" key for full throttle (where Z is on american keyboards), I have to type on "," key for map (where M is on american keyboards), and I don't know where the key for switching ships is (where is "]" on american keyboards ?) partial and unsatisfactory solution that I found : cheat the cpu by pretending I have a qwerty keyboard, usefull for recovering the usual locations of fligth controls (ex: W still to use for full throttle but now in the place of where Z is on the french keyboard), but difficult because no reference to the actual help manual can be made and other keys in the help manual remain FALSE. PLEASE HELP THANKS
  11. Hi Thanks Lirtosiast for your answer... and sorry if i am being rude, but what did you want to say ? As you probably know, 1 flight is not enough for completing the tech tree. The fact that tech tree can be completed after flights in Kerbin SOI does not come in conflict with the challenge i propose. Building an enormous craft may be not economically viable in career mode... but it may be interesting after upgrade of buildings and money savings... Yes !! I see the principle of the challenge is being entirely understood : completion of the tech tree as fast as possible (and not in least possible number of fligths!) What would be YOUR strategy in achieving this challenge ? what score do you effectively reach by implementing one or the other strategy that you mentionned ? I prefer playing ksp instead of watching ksp videos... and i have no idea of what the abyssal lurker video is... i m going to complete the challenge if i can and post some pic and initial score
  12. hi all, Here is the challenge I propose : Start a new stock career mode (medium difficulty or higher) and complete the technology tree the fastest possible. Your score is the game-time when tech tree is completed. I talk about game-time and not about the real time you spent in the game. This may limit the use of time warp and favor multiple concomitant flights. most of mods are vailable, except those modifying physics and science gain What do you think ?
  13. Chumpes

    Docking more difficult since update

    i also have the same problem before you could dock at 0.5-1/0 m/s relative velocity, now it seams to bounce above 0.2-0.5 m/s relative velocity...
  14. Chumpes

    landing gear causes bounces

    maybe it is the same problem : during the "duna scenario", the available rover bounce and revert upside down on its head when the mission starts : it is difficult to recover to orbit while you are upside down.
  15. Chumpes

    landing on the mun