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  1. Module manager caches everything in extra setting files. Maybee that is it.
  2. No thats not my point. That experiments should give only date that you first have to process in an lab to get any science. Like everithing that gives only minor infos like temp or pressure... Science everything that involves materials you have to bring back only give data->lab - > recoverable science
  3. I would do it the other way. Everithing that is something physical like goo and material science only provide data and you have to convert that data into science first. And stock has way too much science. I play with 40 percent now and there is still barley any need to left kerbin soi
  4. I know that I can destroy my probes as I like, but that was the cheapest way to do it. as I think about it. lets get creative ....
  5. I did not know that there is an option at the decouplers at all. Looked into the FRMS Options on a new game and discovered that option that says something like: let SR handle stages with only parachutes, so i decided to install that too. Then it is my fault. Then I have to set that booster stages myself to SR. I looked into it: I added with symmetry, 1 defaulted FMRS the other one to SR. LOL. There is no AUTO Option. My second stage is FMRS by default, but also has only parachutes it gets recovered by SR. No big deal but thx for pointing me to that decoupler option.
  6. I launched until 40th or so satellite contract now and my kerbin orbit looks like spaghetti. let the player fail 1 of every series like crash one vanguard because half of them where failures then pick what is special about the specific series like that are weather satellites so they must perform an pressure scan or temperature. The other one was the first polar orbit in history, so pick that one out. In stock it makes no sense at all to spam your orbit with like 40 satellites. most of them did not stay up there for long. An good option would be to force the player to deorbit the sputnik and that other stuff, except that longer lasting few. the way that you have like 3-5 satellites in really high elliptical polar orbits and another 5 in circular mildly inclined orbits. I would pick only what is special about the series. You could still let them ALL in but give the player an option to skip whole series. After I launched the first unsuccessful Vanguard I do not need to kill another 10. and successful sputnik thing I do not have to launch another 2. Only change the presets that I can go on to the less boring stuff. Like Moon, first manned. Just offer options to jump over that boring stuff. Make it like Sputnik 1 -> sputnik 2 ---the whole other stuff like it is now but also: go on with laika (may bee bring a goo up with an probe core, burn them up in the atmosphere or crash them after you send the science back) Than the player can jump from highlight to highlight but has the option to take the grind or do that stuff later if he is interested in all that background info or needs to bring up more satellites. And you need more victory conditions. What fuel is allowed? But Idk what is possible with that contract configurator. I am now in automating my satellite launches too All day long launching the same 4 things. An over engineered satellite, a single probe core, an rocket that goes straight up, 1 version with and one without parachutes for hours to come at least I write some scripts again and make progress on the way. Edit: that destroy a probe at the launch made me creative.... put at stayputnik on an launch clamp moved it all the way up in the VAB and then dropped it :-D Edit2: I want to look into it tomorrow. i want to make it that way that all parts are independent as at first so you still have to play lets say vanguard 1 to go to vanguard 2. but you also can take the lunar missions and send out probes to the mun. maybe i change the roskosmos mun missions that they refer to minmus and let one set of mars missions go to dres ( 1 moon and 1 inner planet too much in stock) if you don´t mind that I alter them for myself. Then they start to become useful in stock as you can combine them with other missions, pick something that is similar and put them together or do some 'boring' automated launches when I do other stuff.
  7. Thx. Another bug /feature with StageRecovery installed, StageRecovery should manage stages with only parachutes right? It does, most of them. If i drop more than 1 part at the time, lets say 2 boosters with parachutes Stage Recovery only takes over one of them the other one stays in the list of FMRS until I i watch it land. IDK if this is some restriction of StageRecovery or some other problem.
  8. I realy like the style of that pack. But may be you should think about making it less repetitive in the beginning (only tested stock so far) after the 10th sub orbital flight with the same rocket it gets a bit boring. The later missions are great! Maybee pack them a bit together? Like one mission for russians A-x to A-y and then another one for the ballistic tests and the same for the other nations, make description like: from date x to date y soviet russians tested the missiles on sub orbital flight reaching alt... to alt.... and had a range of .... . The Descriptions are great but there is no real progress in the game, only if you over engineer that launches for collecting science in different biomes. but that makes other mission packs like the one to collect every bit of science a bit useless in the beginning because there is no real synergie then. That way you don´t loose much of the great historical data that I really like. Great work. Another possible solution: make one of the later Missions (like the first after sputnik 1) have no previous mission only has reached orbit=met and all previous become unavailable at this time like has not reached orbit = unmet (idk if thats already possible because of the huge amount of missions I have not seen them all) That should be only a copy and paste work that is not that time intense and let you jump over that 20 or more suborbital again and again missions. Later Missions are also repetitive in parts but they always have some progression in game terms like get more science on the way, Bring satellites up that other contracts want you to do anyway or u can use as relay sats, train your crews, do rescue missions on the way dock things you want to dock anyway... I can overcome that grind with 7 lines of kos script too, if i like, but not everyone can do this. bootfile.ks lock throttle to 1. lock steering to up . wait 5. stage. wait until alt: radar > 70000. wait until alt:radar< 15000. stage. Design the rocket that its apoapsis gets to around 73 km, pack it with parachutes and do something else in that time, come back when landed get next contract repeat. Edit: solution for everyone made with kos(a better one), with detailed description in the readme file and 2 craft files if someone wants to use it https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yk8JmE2Gy0NznUMwIAhyn2JjYSUyP3NT/view?usp=sharing brings you to 70+k with time warp brings you back with time warp plays a sound.
  9. yes I learned this already the hard way. I now use kerbal alarm clock all the time, on every vessel switch it makes a backup anyway. Set them to 200, disk space is not an issue anymore. No game breakers so far, was lucky on that part.
  10. Is there an solution for the deleted contract issue? I can reproduce it every time, if you recover more than one stage and you use return to launch button from FMRS you get all contracts deleted. the only solution so far : quicksave before entering the vab (always a good idea) and use that save instead of the revert button
  11. ok thx for the quick answer. hm not that much a problem if the kerbalism contracts do not work, as long as i do not kill my save with it.
  12. i get an error message from module manager with kerbalism installed. Exception Contracts Configurator.cfg (the one from compatibility inside the kerbalism folder). I think the extra Missions that Kerbalism provides crash somehow with history of spaceflight. My knowledge of Module Manager syntax is pretty limited so I cant fix it myself. No other Contract Pack installed gets me an error with ksp...so may bee its only an minor problem.
  13. another quick and dirty fix is to bring up the crash tolerance up to 60 + in the game files (stock its around 12 or 10 for mk3) files found in gamedata\squad\parts\utility\LandingLegLT-X\LandingLegLT-X.cfg where X is the number of the item tier (1-3) change the value crashtollerance inside the cfg to something like 60 to 120 as you like
  14. I found a little error but could fix it myself. like on Baikerbanur the game thinks on Woomerang its on Shores but its on Grassland so [x] Science gets confused and never deletes that entry in its list. it also cant show most of the alerts for new science on the launchpad. so i did change science.cfg text filters to the same as that one for Baikerbanur TextFilters { // --- Text Filters - Stock System----------------- // In the stock system these combinations are not possible TEXT_FILTER = Kerbin Splashed Mountains|Highlands // [x] Science! is assuming this is in Shores not Grasslands // probly need a special case in code, banning it for now. TEXT_FILTER = Baikerbanur // same problem with Woomerang on DLC its on Grassland but KSP thinks it is Shores so same solution. TEXT_FILTER = Woomerang } this hotfix should work until someone fixes the code. this Info seems also outdated, because I have done at least the mountain splash down 70. 26. 39 N, 297. 39. 4 E if someone want to test it. Highlands I am searching right now // --- Text Filters - Stock System----------------- // In the stock system these combinations are not possible TEXT_FILTER = Kerbin Splashed Mountains|Highlands some other annoying error with the island airstrip and the shores biome: I observed a strange behavior on the normal shores on ksc runway biome and the shores on the island. Are they different biomes? Because shores always showed me that I can perform an EVA Report, but I had already done that, after i did one on the shores of the island airstrip that gave me new science, with all other experiments too. After that it disappears on runway/shores on ksc. Someone has to try to reproduce that error first. No time today sry. Hm i observed some strange behavior with Kerbalism, but nothing that is too annoying. If i made an eva report and go back in [x] science shows nothing but if I eva again the dialog for new science EVA report pops up, same with surface samples. This happens until the science is brought back to ksc, Do not know if its normal behavior also without Kerbalism (the original science system is too annoying to play without) or if its caused by another mod, but since I do not use something else that makes changes to science until someone reworks this one a sane way. That science progression is so broken. with 100 percent science you do not have to grind science. But if you do than you can make halve the tech tree on kerbin alone. If you try to play with less you get forced to grind, like me with a 40%. I would like something like: first biome 100% (first time landed first time splashed). second one 50% third one 25% fourth one 10% and then goes to 0 the rest of the science is provided as raw data. (if you get out 25% science you get 75 % as raw data resource). Since Labs are too strong I would change them in a way that the more advanced experiments also only give a raw data resource that you have to process first(would take goo and materials bay, moving goo up in tech tree and the thermometer/pressure/other sensors down). Maybe if I can motivate myself...
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