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  1. MrPacmanCo

    TESS Satellite

    it's custom parts of course
  2. MrPacmanCo

    InSight Ksp [BETA]

    i don't know if the mod work on ksp 1.4 but you can test tell me if it work and i'd update the mod. the mass of the part is 350kg
  3. MrPacmanCo

    InSight Ksp [BETA]

    InSight for ksp i have make the InSight Lander for KSP this version work for KSP 1.2.2, 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 (i dont know if it work with other version you can test), i actually try to make the InSight spacecraft but i have some problems with the parachute if you have a problem tell me and i will do my best for fix it Download (SpaceDock) - Lander [BETA] License - WTFPL sorry if i do some English mistake i'm french
  4. hi mechjeb community ! i want to make a satellite constellation using mechjeb2 (on ksp 1.2.2) but after ~5 day in orbit the satellite become completely out of sync i know mechjeb is very precise but can we make it more precise and it's the same problem for the geostationary orbit who is no longer geostationary after 1 month in orbit... (sorry if i make some english mistake am french)
  5. hi everyone i want to make more fairing texture for the falcon 9 and falcon heavy but i don't know what... someone ave an idea ???
  6. MrPacmanCo

    probleme with parachute

    here you have my hierarchy, i can convert all the base to one object but the parachute will have the same color everywhere... thanks again for you help and i'm realy sorry because i don't understand all what you say so you maybe found me strange but i do my best in the middle it's write - simple-cable -multi-cable -red part on the parachute -white part on the parachute (the font is very small)
  7. MrPacmanCo

    probleme with parachute

    why ? ...
  8. MrPacmanCo

    probleme with parachute

    THE DRAG WORK !!!!!!! but the parachute descent crooked... can you see my unity project ( to tell me where have wrong ?
  9. MrPacmanCo

    probleme with parachute

    I see the config of the parachute for dragon cargo in Laztek pack and he dont make any drag cube and he dont make a "dragmodifer" variable and his parchure work very good... WHY ?
  10. MrPacmanCo

    probleme with parachute

    I update drag cube the vessel drag is better but the parachute don't do anythings again : MODULE { name = ModuleParachute semiDeployedAnimation = semiDeploy fullyDeployedAnimation = deploy invertCanopy = false autoCutSpeed = 0.5 capName = cap canopyName = canopy stowedDrag = 0.22 semiDeployedDrag = 1 fullyDeployedDrag = 500 minAirPressureToOpen = 0.04 clampMinAirPressure = 0.04 deployAltitude = 1000 deploymentSpeed = 0.12 semiDeploymentSpeed = 0.5 chuteMaxTemp = 650 } MODULE { name = ModuleTestSubject useStaging = True useEvent = False situationMask = 8 } MODULE { name = ModuleDragModifier dragCubeName = SEMIDEPLOYED dragModifier = 0.67 } MODULE { name = ModuleDragModifier dragCubeName = DEPLOYED dragModifier = 20 } MODULE { name = ModuleTestSubject environments = 4 useStaging = True useEvent = False } DRAG_CUBE { procedural = True cube = PACKED, 0.2515,0.7794,0.7982, 0.2515,0.7805,0.4945, 0.3272,0.6346,2.566, 0.3265,0.9342,2.366, 0.9639,0.8088,0.9319, 0.9639,0.9715,0.9578, 2.98E-08,-1.006,0.1003, 0.7929,2.493,1.45 cube = SEMIDEPLOYED, 58.19,0.2756,5.374, 58.19,0.2736,5.795, 30.92,0.896,60.72, 30.92,0.5393,58.81, 72.55,0.1988,18.59, 72.55,0.4446,19.07, -0.07179,28.13,-8.731, 6.517,60.76,20.15 cube = DEPLOYED, 646.7,0.6772,55.35, 646.7,0.6782,56.54, 1704,0.7086,64.52, 1704,0.7031,65.62, 978.5,0.7125,54.42, 978.5,0.6767,53.03, 0.05322,27.48,-14.87, 60.63,70.11,59.11 } }
  11. MrPacmanCo

    probleme with parachute

    ok but how make a drag cube, what the number mean ??
  12. MrPacmanCo

    probleme with parachute

    i delete the drag_cube in my cfg file and in partDatabase config and now the parachute don't slow anythings
  13. MrPacmanCo

    probleme with parachute

    i update the mod the parchute can move now but the drag is the same and force direction the same to
  14. MrPacmanCo

    probleme with parachute

    thanks for you answer, maybe do this make the parachute work but if i share my mod it's don't going to be easy for users
  15. MrPacmanCo

    probleme with parachute

    thanks i going to try that i think my problem come to hierarchy... and i make canopy as en empty object, it's not important ?