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  1. Do I really need to confess that I use my work laptop for some stimulating space simulations on my spare time? I thought that obvious, doesn't everyone?
  2. Hi, I'm running the game in full HD with high graphics settings and AVP on a laptop with the Quadro M2000M, and 48GB RAM. I've never experienced smooth gameplay after the first couple of flights in career mode, but it's definitely playable!
  3. Yeah, so I actually didn't think I needed this mod at first. Saw the gif and everyone praising it, but I thought the game was good looking enough. Silly me. Through numerous installs I've always had the transparency glitch, and gave the "old-TRR-fix" a try, and oh my! It's gorgeous, I keep on spinning the spcecrafts constantly just to watch the reflection! Thanks for this!
  4. Midline

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    Aaaaargh! It's even more beautiful! I got the update notification while at work, so I had no other choice but to download, install and test run a bit while at work, and now I'm almost crying again! The dirty lens effect struck me with it's stunning beauty! Superb update! Best regards, Björn
  5. Midline

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I got the same thing, I usually sneak a bit of MechJeb aided activity in the background at work, but when this screen hit me I couldn't stop laughing. Haven't seen it before, but I'm already longing for the next time!
  6. Midline

    [1.6.0] Extrasolar v1.8.0 [12/21/18]

    Hi, first of all: thanks for making an expansive planet pack instead of replacing the stock planets! I haven't gotten around Valentine yet, and I'm really looking forwards towards it! I've got a question about the Mission Control missions: is there a way to inhibit Valentine-related missions until I can actually get there, or even until I've exited Kerbins SOI? I've been getting spoilers, that there actually are planets around that mysterious star! No, I haven't looked at the photos in this thread...I seriously despise spoilers in some areas, and Kerbal space exploration is one of those! Thanks! Best regards, Björn
  7. Hello, after thorough searching today and yesterday, I've started thinking that I'm alone in this opinion: I think the UI (altimeter, staging and navball) is/are way to bright! This issue has been gaining momentum in my head for the last couple of months, and with all the gorgeous modifications this awesome community has provided to this game, it really disturbs my immersion. I do more and more hit the Lights-out-key (F2) just for clearer visibility when in the pitch black nothingness of space. I've changed all mods that allows it from the Stock KSP UI to the Unity UI, just because of the brightness. And please, don't tell me I've got to play around with my screens calibration; I've got it just where I want it, thank you very much. I like it dark, it should be dark! And by the way, colour calibrated Eizo screen on 10 bit colour per channel should not be the issue. On a side note, which is more concerning the aesthetics than the functionality, I think that the UI has grown apart from the games graphics, in the sense that it's a bit too pastel coloured and playful. It should be more of a satire feel than a toy, in my humble opinion. Am I really the only one who feels like this? Is it impossible to mod the UI to look more like the Unity style UI? Regards, Björn
  8. Midline

    [1.7.0-1 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    Wow, @Thomas P., thanks for the fix! So ironic (for me, at least) that the first time I experienced the bug was only mere minutes after your fix was uploaded! I'm thankful and glad that I don't have to comb through code. Nicely done! Regards, Björn
  9. Midline

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    Unbelievable. I find no other words to explain this mod. First of all, I'm a lurker - I seldom write in forums, but love to browse. Second, I don't like troubleshooting and looking through logs - I simply don't have enough free time available for gaming. That explains why I am a console gamer, save for KSP on the PC, which is my all time favourite game. Third, The White Guardian, this mod almost made me cry. I've got a workstation laptop with a Quadro graphics card - not especially optimised for gaming. I can't even notice any frame rate differences! It's awesome, in the word's true meaning! This makes me feel like exploring the Kerbol system in a manner that I haven't felt since I started playing in 2013! Thank you! Best regards, Björn