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  1. @Squad @Take Two @Biltworks OK [snip] enough is enough. 3 weeks and not a [snip] console update? [snip] We've asked nicely, no response We've asked firmly, no response We've sat in the back of the room quietly asking for a little recognition and an explanation for your lack of transparency regarding the console version. and have been told by fanbois that we were out of line, no response from you developers. the game is still not working correctly... and year two is fast approaching. it's obvious your neglect is deliberate, you got our money, HA HA HA, joke is on us! etc. I'm not going to be polite about this any more. your mods can remove this post, and ban me if they wish (and probably will) but if you are going to treat us like crap, I reserve the right to do the same in return.
  2. it seems the sarcasm and irony are lost on you my boy. I'm a console player. and as a console player, we ARE de facto second class citizens of the community. 1. We started off with a broken game and it took 1.5 years to rectify. with very little communication from the developers. 2. the product we were given after the reboot was still broken, albeit somewhat less so. with very little communication from the developers on the path to fixing it 3. meanwhile during the weekly updates, the PC version gets multiple paragraphs with details of all the really nifty stuff that they are doing to the game, we are lucky if we got a single canned paragraph stating "we are working on the problems" 4. none of the developers (squad) or console port team (biltworks) will commit to saying if we will get the 1.4 update (and the new stock features within) OR a shot at buying the making history expansion (and the new parts they have been touting for the past 12 months) as far as console is concerned we've been guaranteed a stable game, in the version that it was released in. that is it. 5. the PC players here seem to be most concerned with telling me I'm out of line for being POed and voicing my disapproval at the lack of communication, lack of transparency and the overall poor condition of the game that I spent my money on. Don't get me wrong - I love KSP, and If I had a PC that could run it, I'd buy it again and run it there, and get all the good stuff.but I can't justify buying a better computer just to play 1 game. console is what I have, and console is how I intend to play.I just want what I paid for: a stable version of Kerbal Space Program. when KSP came to console under FTE, it was touted as being the same version as the original. now, 1.5 years later... this is NOT what we got. if what I paid for was "KSP lite" due to the limited capabilities of console hardware, then Squad and Biltworks need to just be honest and say so.reps from both companies view these forums - and as yet I've not received ANY feedback from them. only PC players that tell me I'm out of line.
  3. I foresee youtube videos of horrific meat grinders... it is obvious nothing good for Kerbal kind will come of this. DEVELOPERS, YOU MUST DO THIS!!
  4. Would love to as you so subtly put it, "buy the DLC" you DO know that there is an underclass user base that doesn't have the luxury of ever getting to use "mods" and has no current, or confirmed planned option to "buy the DLC" Right? so my point stands... keep complaining about all the good work that Squad does by whining about how the ram air parachutes are backwards, and are anachronistic, and new parts are the wrong color etc. you are lucky to have what you have... enjoy your game.
  5. well, at least you have the parachutes... some of you guys find the most petty things to winge about.
  6. didn't they just introduce some radial fuel tanks with this expansion? the Baguette and the Bun or dumpling or whatever? dono - I can't have any of this stuff... but I swear I thought they added some LFO radial tanks?
  7. cool, not even a truncated single paragraph on the( still not fully functional, and out of date) Console version this week... you guys keep up the good work communicating with ALL your customers over there...
  8. Scott manly confirms, "dont take that as an offical statement" (I point blank asked if it was in the comments section) And your link contains information about the release of enhanced edition, nowhere does it say if the enhanced edition will receive content updates or expansions. Ive taken the development teams statements about support to mean patches and stability updates will ocurr. You are damn right my cornflakes are salty, did you pay for a game a year and a half ago the was utterly broken? And then get another seriously broken version of it on re release? Do the weekly blog updates for your version mainly consist of single paragraph of canned response? No? I thought not.
  9. source? you don't seem to have the little orange tag that says "SQUAD staff" under your name that would indicate you actually know that... so forgive me if I remain skeptical. since for the life of me, despite searching for information to the confirm it on the web... I have not seen anything of an "official: nature that says the developers have committed to doing exactly that. now, the guy in the post above this one... he could (probably) answer my question (if he's permitted to by his corporate masters) .. question is... Will/Can he?
  10. so, Squad/Biltworks/Take Two /whomever... do you intend to bring the console edition up to date with 1.4? or are we just supposed to be happy with the flawed, out of date piece of junk that you foisted off on us (again) as the so called KSP "enhanced edition" inquiring minds want to know. we already know you prefer to ignore the console guttersnipes... but hey what the hell, I might as well make a nuisance of myself until your community mods ban me, or answer my (really quite simple and very reasonable, I think) question. look on the bright side - at least I'm not pouting about how the 1.4 jet engines don't sound right, or the new textures don't match my shoes, or any number of other silly complaints I've read so far in this thread... so at the very least you can maybe throw me and my second class brethren a bone eh?
  11. yep, can't move craft files, can't do custom flags, can't use mods, (not the developer's/owners fault... this is an issue inherent to consoles, and to be expected even though it sucks.) can't get a straight answer if version updates will be made to keep us at near parity with the PC version, can't get a straight answer if expansions will be made available. (stuff DEFINITELY WITHIN THE DEVELOPERS/OWNERS PURVIEW, and DON'T TELL ME IT HASN'T BEEN DISCUSSED INTERNALLY... every facet of the game's development for the next few years has been planned. fine details likely remain to be hashed out, but the basic road map? THEY KNOW. ) All we see for consoles is Whole lotta "Can't"... very little "Can" but hey, once again they have reiterated "a commitment to continue supporting Enhanced Edition." no one at TT, SQUAD or Biltworks will discuss what exactly what that support actually entails, or what future plans are... but they are committed to "IT"! meanwhile, look at all the new shiny stuff YOU console gutter snipes WON'T get!! aren't we cool! new space suits, a pile of new parts, personal parachutes... but only for the chosen. you dupes that paid full price for a broken game a year and a half ago... will get a stable out of date game... maybe... Some day... when we feel like it. and you irritated fellows, know your place and listen to the fanbois that tell you you are out of line... because reasons. That's good? right... RIGHT?!
  12. I don't think it can be done on PS4, sadly. there is no obvious UI to do this, and since it's PS4 - you don't really have access to the craft files like one does on PC, so you can't drop it from one folder to another. it kinda sucks - as sandbox is the ideal place to do RandD/simulations for career.
  13. ok, so we have a page and a half of a discussion about how the UI to change the kerbal's suits isn't optimum... lol... first world problems. and a developer actually got involved... part of the discussion even. so, what are we doing for consoles? the patch is last weeks news, "to see the patch notes click here" yeah - we got that already I waited a week for a rehash of last week's weekly update? that's all you care to share with us? how about letting us know IF the making history expansion is part of the plan for consoles? failing that, at the very least how about letting us know when you plan to patch some of the minor issues that didn't seem to get fixed in the patch? I love being a second class citizen... whaaaa? wuzzat? crickets... its probably crickets I hear. those precision controls work yet?
  14. level select and 10 lives code for Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles on NES: B, A ,B, A up,down B ,A right, left B, A , Start for a two player game hit select before you hit start.
  15. I want my node/surface attach gizmo back in the SPH/VAB... its a real pain in the engine nozzle to be trying to put something like a satellite onto a docking port in a cargo bay or stack fuel tanks horizontally on the sides of a hull and the darned thing won't snap to a node. NO!!! you infernal machine, I want that science junior on the interior bulkhead node... not all cattywumpus on the floor! that gizmo made it ALOT easier to put things where I wanted. oh, yeah - I also would like precision controls to actually WORK... because loading 15G on a plane at Hypersonic speeds is a really DUMB idea. all I really want is to pitch up 5 degrees... not try to do a 16 kps Pugachev Cobra! FYI, when you turn on precision flight controls the pitch/yaw/roll indicators turn they are supposed to... and stop taking control inputs... which they aren't.