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  1. Barzon Kerman

    Space History near you!

    @Geonovast I, similarly to you, get very stressed when in small crowds, but if you do ever visit the UK, when I went to the National Space Centre, it wasn't very crowded, except at the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium. The National Space Centre also has a Blue Streak and Thor Able. It also was home to the control centre for the failed Beagle 2 mars lander.
  2. Barzon Kerman

    Space History near you!

    The uni my sister attends, has a team of English and French scientists that analyse Curisosity's findings. Not technically space history, but it's history in the making.
  3. Um, just did a launch for the start of my DSG, when I saw that the Ghidorah 9 second stage engine has no exhaust. I have realplume installed. Rodan also doesn't have a plume.
  4. About to try out your new BFR as a celebration of the end of my KSP hiatus! Its amazing! Beautiful textures!
  5. Barzon Kerman

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Me and my friend love Portal 1 & 2, although he is much more obsessive over it than me. Also, I started my GCSEs this month! EDIT: And congratulation @LordFerret on your marriage!
  6. Barzon Kerman

    LOST on Laythe - Ch 10 - Val's down

    Lookin' good!
  7. Barzon Kerman

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Not related to the current discussion, but what do you people think of this video by @marcushouse ? I think its very good.
  8. I use a lot of SRBs, but I have never used the orbital kickstages, for the same reasons as @StarStreak2109 .
  9. Barzon Kerman

    Who is the most significant person on the forum to you?

    @CobaltWolf because he has created my favourite mod ever!
  10. Barzon Kerman

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

  11. Barzon Kerman

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Yeesh, and I thought 32 degrees C was hot!
  12. Hello. I have recently lost my only computer capable of running 64bit Windows. Because of this, I can only use 32bit computers. I know I can count on this community to help people, so I decided to ask: How can I get 32bit KSP with Steam? Thank-you everyone!