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  1. Gwynne Shotwell herself.
  2. @ZooNamedGames look above at reuse price. internal costs have clearly decreased. however they have not reduced selling cost by much, to assist in funding of starship.
  3. like many others, this is my first time aboard the hype train, and let me just say, it is a rather enjoyable experience.
  4. "Squad will continue to support the current game" and, "Kerbal Space Program 2 will be available on PC and Console (Xbox One, PS4) in 2020."
  5. Yes. 200mln in funding for EUS dev.
  6. I think it is certain. Considering its required by LAW to launch on SLS.
  7. @tater, iirc, you only pay .002 cents towards SLS annually. what do you consider new space. Anything after 2005?
  8. Would you consider a Musk fan a SpX fan? If so, there are at least 16000 fans of ULA.
  9. You do realise, that FH, which is supposedly extremely simple, has taken 2 years longer than SLS will to get to its first flight. A delay of 2012 (Or even 2010, as originally stated on their website), to 2018, is 6 (or 8) years, while SLS has been delayed from 2017, to early 2021, which is 4 years, half the time FH took, for a far more capable, and frankly, better rocket, with the capacity to take humans once again to the Moon. And another thing: Speed isn't a good thing if it means you cut corners, and blow up a crew capsule. Propulsive landing of D2, Red Dragon, Grey Dragon, F9 s2 recovery, parachute recovery of F9/1 s1s, Carbon Fibre BFR, ITS, 24 hour F9 Reuse, transpiration cooling... That's not "almost EVERYTHING". STS-41-D was successful. No one died on that mission.