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  1. your rank seems very accurate right now, Sevenperforce .
  2. I remember some Boeing guy saying recently that if they got the funding they could build 6 core stages in a year for a Mars program in like the 2030s/40s
  3. yes, and that is truly a shame. but the fact that a feasible, relatively sustainable return to the Moon is possible at all is a miracle.
  4. you dont need it, but its good to have as it allows multiple engine modes, such as 9 engines, 3, and 1.
  5. @King Arthur just, like, look at the blacklist/whitelist. I figured it out in like an hour. but because you dont seem to want to, i'll do it for you: just copy that into Notepad++ or something, and save it as noseconeandskwodSSME.restockwhitelist or whatever have you, and remove those lines from the .restockblacklist file within Gamedata/ReStock.(?)
  6. honestly i wish they had never had the ESM. A US-built SM would most likely be far superior. If eventually they do change, such as after Artemis 3 or 4, by then there will be many options available, including using 1 or 2 of the 10 ton Starship methalox RCS as a MPS. A return to a methalox SM with UltraFlex panels would be very interesting, at the least. From what i can see, using the Starship RCS would at least double the thrust (1x SS10 ton methox thruster, Orion MPS has 3 tons of thrust. Thats over triple the thrust) and hopefully capability of Orion's SM. The lighter solar panels would also play into it. I dont know how well gaseous CH4 and GOX fare in deep space, but surely it wouldnt be that bad.
  7. I apologize, and hope what i have changed it to conveys my point, but in a more polite way.
  8. if you dont like what honestly is some of Beale's best work (The solar panels), then why insult him, and the rest of the ReStock team.
  9. Damon does plan to eventually remake them, but if he does, it will probably be for KSP2.