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  1. LOI is Lunar Orbit Insertion. Can be insertion into any orbit.
  2. NG expendable? Because I think it only has like 13t to TLI reused. From what I've heard, the Dynetics HLS is very likely to launch on SLS if they get chosen.
  3. It's more like saying a cruise ship looks better than a cargo ship. I personally prefer the look of cargo ships .
  4. Just a guy who works on HLS related stuff at MSFC. Not anything official of course.
  5. I've heard that the TE for the National Team's ILV will perform part of descent, and be impacted.
  6. They have been doing many other tests on this STA. This was the final test, after dozens of others.
  7. What mod are those lovely CBMs from?
  8. We also don't know if it'll even happen at all. Completely depends on whether or not FH wins NSSL Phase 2.
  9. Amazing! ATV was an great resupply vehicle, sad it never got developed further. Deserves far more love than it gets.