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  1. Shuttle C has awful growth options. Hanging off the side of the tank really limits what you can do with an EDS.
  2. It's not intentionally destructive testing. Intentionally risky, perhaps, but to my understanding the vertical stand is for confirmation firings (Ik thats not the right word but I can't remember it rn), and the horizontal stand is for the more experimental, destructive tests.
  3. A Raptor just ate itself at McGregor (again): (got the clip on discord and idk how to do clips of livestreams so heres the mp4 clip as an unlisted video)
  4. Found this mission timeline on the nasa site. quite a fascinating document. its pretty much a full plan of orion ops every day from launch till landing, for the sept 3rd launch attempt. A01ov_Sep03_21aug22.xlsx (nasa.gov) screenshot of the info for flight day 2:
  5. Nah, its one that's not public. Similar to the calendar tater posted, but with a lot more information.
  6. I was told that the holddown posts have a limited number of uses, and are the main constraint for the number of rollouts. Didn't get a number on how many rollouts they can support, so I can't confirm or disconfirm the number Eric gave for remaining uses. Haha, had to do a double take on this calendar. Thought it was a diff one and was very surprised to see it posted on a public forum.
  7. probably important to note that A1's LAS is inert, meaning if anything goes wrong Orion won't get pulled to safety.
  8. I've heard that 3 of the 13 cubesats that were due to launch on Artemis 1 have missed the deadline and now won't be launching on A1. The cubesats that won't be launching anymore are CU-E3, Lunar Flashlight, and CisLunar Explorers. I'd interpret this as meaning that Orion will be mated to the flight OSA relatively soon.
  9. all the NASA peeps I know are very happy with this news, Plus afaik this was how it was for years until it was changed at some point after CxP got cancelled. also yeaaa I'm back kinda hope yall been doing ok
  10. Hi uh I know it says this is one time only but I'd really rather move away from the Barzon name and if it could be changed to kerb that would be great?
  11. Haha, it sure has been a while since I've been on here. My last post was April. Incredible how much I've changed as a person since making my account here 3 years ago. Good friends made and lost, personal discovery, lots of things. I love the KSP community, and it is responsible for me being who I am today.

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