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  1. The only reason Artemis 1 is in April 2021 is due to there being no daylight launch windows in Spring 2021, but SLS will be at KSC by December this year. Green run is going faster than expected, meaning that they have more time margin for any possible repairs needed after Green run, and ensuring CS-1 delivery to KSC by December 2020.
  2. Would it be possible for a mount to use the GATV nosecone as a fairing? NVM, didnt see this "Those nodes will also match the nodes for the PFairing patch, AS WELL AS the PFairing nodes for the generic 0.9375m port - meaning you can use the nose cone for other payloads!"
  3. place it directly into gamedata @PeteKonrad.
  4. Beale added a revamped version of Energia to Tantares sometime last year iirc @Dragon01.
  5. You paste it into a notepad document, and save it as patch.cfg or whatever you want, as long as it has .cfg on the end
  6. @PeteKonrad, Jay uses a MM patch to allow tweakscaling of the solar panels. He's shared it with me, so I will put it below: @PART[nfs-panel-deploying-blanket-orion-1] { %MODULE[Tweakscale] { type = free_square } }
  7. a. SLS has higher thrust than the Saturn V b. It has only a few tons less than the Saturn V with BOLE and EUS.
  8. Mr Bergin has really diversified recently, hasn't he?
  9. wth i was literally reading about this yesterday....