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  1. Everything I've heard is that Bill is very supportive of both commercial space and SLS/Orion.
  2. I believe the grapple target is present because Canadarm3 is too short to reach external payloads on Dragon XL from Gateway, so has to move itself onto Dragon to reach the payloads.
  3. Per Anatoly Zak, Dragon XL is 13t.
  4. Are you sure? Everything I've heard is that Starship expendable can't get anything futher than GTO without refuelling? Although yes a kickstage could probably do the job.
  5. Yea I agree, the 8 month cadence is based off the time needed to build a new core stage, but IDK how the time needed for the rest of the vehicle to be constructed factors in. and expendable starship still needs refuelling which... I'm not that confident in, not at such a large scale.
  6. Indeed. It certainly depends on where the loads are low enough to allow practical (well, as practical as you can get with a rocket that currently can only be launched every 8 months) usage for lower mass spacecraft. Hopefully the loads would be low enough for Europa Lander to be launched on SLS, as I really can't see Starship being ready to launch deep space probes by whenever Europa Lander needs to launch.
  7. @rogerwang86would you consider adding an alternate engine section like the one in the below image? This was considered near the end of the Constellation program as a solution to the heating issues they were having.
  8. Long time no see...

    Good to see you're still around!

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      Thankyous! :3 

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