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  1. Hell yeah I watch his stuff. Even talked with him on Reddit and Discord.
  2. 60% chance of No Go for weather, everything else I'd say would be good. If it's scrubbed, the backup date is the 30th.
  3. Posting this here because I'm proud of it, and dunno where else to post it. If this is the wrong place please feel free to remove it, moderators.
  4. Boeing has the Core Stage and EUS. They're happy with that.
  5. If "pork" is the problem (which it isn't), Alabama gets plenty of it. Dynetics is based in Huntsville, and the ULA and BO factories are in Alabama.
  6. Minor qualm with your Gateway, @Drakenex, all images I have seen of the PPE have 4 ion engines
  7. All the landers are reusable in some form or another. EUS being made by Boeing does not exclude IVF or refuelling. NASA is developing them itself, and it can be applied to Boeing's EUS.
  8. What's the point of doing any HSF then? What can humans do that robots cannot do better?
  9. Why not? He blatantly lies in his articles, admits to being biased and yet does nothing to try alleviate that, and is just a bad reporter overall. He mixes his own personal opinions into his so called "news articles".
  10. No. They aren't. The contract is not purely for engines. It pays for additional development, employing workers, and many other things. If the contract was purely for engines and ABSOULUTELY NOTHING ELSE, then yes, the RS-25 would cost 146M$. However this is not the case, meaning that the RS-25 is not 146M$ per engine.
  11. The annual program costs do not equate launch costs. Launch costs are not paying the rent, mowing the lawn, painting facilities, employing workers. Read this blog post by Wayne Hale, and you'll understand why annual program costs do not equate launch costs. https://waynehale.wordpress.com/2019/11/09/what-figure-did-you-have-in-mind/
  12. Why would Jim Bridenstine, the NASA administrator himself lie about the cost, and say SLS is 800-900 million per launch. If he says that's the cost, you can sure as hell trust him.
  13. All of the NASA people I've talked to, all of whom work on Artemis, including directly on HLS itself, disagree with you. None of them believe the idiotic timelines SpaceX provide. How on Earth (or Kerbin ) do you get that? SLS is ~900 million per launch, and FHe is ~200m, meaning you can only get 4 and a half FHe flights for the cost of 1 SLS. A far cry from your 20X cheaper.
  14. https://www.esa.int/About_Us/Partnerships/Kerbal_includes_Ariane_5_and_real_ESA_missions_for_gamers "Shared Horizons features all the stages, engines and systems of Europe’s Ariane 5 launch vehicle" "dress their Kerbal astronauts in an ESA-themed spacesuit"
  15. It would be reduced yes, but not significantly. If you want stuff that works in space, it is going to be expensive.
  16. It doesn't matter how cheap the $/kg to LEO gets. Space hardware is expensive. A simple cubesat costs ~50k minimum, and proper satellites will cost far more than that, for the foreseeable future.
  17. I've heard from reliable sources that Starship needs 11 refueling flights to get 100t to TLI.
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