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  1. Sorry, I stepped away from KSP for a while out of frustration because I couldn't produce the right parts. I need to make some alternative shaped pieces for the HX line from B9 Aerospace with as much of the HX functionality built in as possible. All in I have the beginnings of about five parts and I need a total of about 8 or 9. Many thanks. J
  2. Whose idea was it to drink cow's milk 'cause that is objectively weird.
  3. Hello All. As commented on in another thread, I've been trying to get some custom parts made up so I can make a ship I really want to build. Unfortunately I don't even come close to having the skills to create these models. Now, thanks to Nivee I now have the models I need but I need them textured and I need config files for them. Would anyone be interested in helping me out? I am happy to pay for good work. Many thanks. J
  4. I don't get why star wars fans are offended by whatever it is they're offended by but the use free fall bombs in microgravity doesn't bother them.
  5. 1) Landing within 3 km over a distance of 11400 km is actually superb. 2) Landing with 100 meters consistently is probably not possible. I've managed to get my CEP down to about a quarter kilometer which is usually plenty good enough with the lunar tractors I've built. 3) The technique I've employed is to first get myself into an orbit which takes me directly over my target. An orbit on the order of 100 km is ideal. You don't want to be too low as this makes it hard to burn off lateral velocity. Too high makes it expensive to burn off vertical velocity. Wait until you are approaching your target installation and burn retrograde as hard as you can. You want to come to a near complete stop relative to your target installation with the installation just very slightly ahead of you. Burn until your orbital predictor shows you will impact the mun just about a km or so short of your installation. Now remember that you cannot control lateral and vertical speed. You can only trade one for the other. This is why you needed to come as close as you could to a dead stop. As you burn to kill your horizontal speed you will gain lateral speed relative to your installation and will therefore tend to begin to overshoot it. This is why you needed to apply some lead at the beginning. Now, depending on the performance characteristics of your lander, this next bit can vary but the principle is to fall as far as you dare until you get to the point where you have just enough thrust to burn continuously until your vertical speed drops to about 5 m/sec within a couple of tens of meters of the surface. this will minimize the amount of time you spend picking up horizontal speed. If you've done all of this right you should land within a couple of hundred meters of your target.
  6. That second one actually looks pretty cool.
  7. Is this a good place to suggest changes or additions to this mod?
  8. Hi there. I need a little help modifying some relatively simple parts to make a ship I really want to build. I'd be willing to pay for the work so maybe we could help each other out?
  9. Should there be hard point on the VLS cells for mounting missiles? I love the look but I don't actually have any ordnance.
  10. Would there be any way to engineer a turret as a dual rail gun mount? I want one for a ship of my own creation but don't have anything like the skills.
  11. Hello Nils277. I freaking love your mod. I'm using the algae farm right now and I'm trying to modify the config files so that it runs on nitrogen and ammonia instead of ore, however when I edit modsupport>parts>lifesupport>Container_Algae.cfg to replace the ore input with nitrogen and ammonia I can see in the parts list in the SPH that the inputs have changed but I still can't get the container to run without ore when I actually load the vessel to the game environment. Can you tell me what I'm missing? Many thanks. J
  12. Thanks. Do you have a Patraeon account? This mod is awesome and is basically 99% of why I'm still playing this game.
  13. Thank you. There seems to be a problem in that there is no solar wind process option on my ISRU processor but there is on the refrigerator.