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  1. Last Night I hit the "Maximum number of saves taken, delete some saves" well you cant use stock tools for this you have to use the ingame Load Menu to delete. I started to delete saves and then something weird happend.. Auto 'saving' started to take 2-3 minutes.. everytime I deleted an old save it got slower and slower. So apart from fixing the bug.. can we just have a small dialog that lets me 'block delete' from a date and before. I can pretty much delete 37 of my 40 saves. Also if deleting is triggering these issues .. a dedicated Load button on the main title would let me also clean up without the auto save firing off and taking forever to let me cleanup saves thanks bolloxim
  2. I have a follow up here.. I loaded up yesterday and loaded my save. the persistent save had me in space not on kerbal. I also had access to admin tracker etc.. so I selected tracking station to select my lander ship at this point it just crashed out .. blue screen . I rebooted my console at this point. On reloading I got the corrupted save message , restoring backup. This restored me to the same point. Except now Quicksave started to work again. So either revert to backup or rebooting the system fixed the issue last night. normally I use restmode not power off so that could be a factor ? it quicksaves after timewarp, I was using many time warps before qsave on munnis.
  3. Having an issue on PS4 EE version. I can save at the space-centre gives me a new quicksave #?? however in space or during a mission I normally get the stock 'quicksave' this would overwrite the old quicksave which was good .. anything went wrong I could reload. However I have about 30 regular quicksaves now.. the last couple missions quicksave failed to take. brings up the dialog.. but X doesnt do anything just sits there. I can edit and change the filename but again doesnt actually save. Worse yet is once I fail to save I cannot switch back to the Space Centre for a regular quicksave.. yea.. its pretty bad.. last night this happened after landing on minmus and I am just hoping that persistent save worked I had this happen about a week ago once but it cleared up after a couple missions currently though seems to be a continual issue now. btw I tried deleting older quicksaves.. I even deleted the quicksave file itself incase it was a filespace issue. In career mode and unlocked upto 160 science tier
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