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  1. 5m fairing stretch bug

  2. 10 Kilotons to LKO no Autostrut

    I was about to download until I saw 2088 parts... lol
  3. 5m fairing stretch bug

    Thanks guys!
  4. 5m fairing stretch bug

    So I loaded up my Saturn V to try it out, and I find out the fairing between the S-II and S-IVB is bugging out, and it appears to be too large and the pieces are spaced strangely. I tried restarting to no avail, as well as replacing the fairing and placing it on another rocket. I do have KER, Trajectories, and KIS installed, but I doubt those have anything to do with it, because I had them and Making History before the bug. Does anyone know what's up, or have a solution? Try to make it simple, because I know almost nothing about computers or code.
  5. Collecting Science (What Biomes are left?)

    I would just send a mun lander with a goo, thermometer, and barometer. I did that with a pilot, and if you take an Eva report and get a surface sample it generates over 200 science (maybe 300!). the surface sample alone gave me 120 science. I would not beam the science back because it reduces the value and just makes coming back seem less exciting. I would bring an antenna just in case you get stuck. You also don't need ladders because the jetpack works on the mun.
  6. STS Replica losing control during reentry

    Normally I would think about stuff like that, but KSP has me thinking more about orbits than pressure and drag. Thanks for pointing it out though!
  7. STS Replica losing control during reentry

    That might be the best solution, because it needs more monopropellant and it would balance the ship. I will try it when I get home.
  8. I built an STS replica mostly based on some tutorials I saw, and if I wrestle with the controls during ascent, It works. The only problem Is reentry. When I reenter, if I pitch up more than 5 degrees it flips over and sways around, going in backwards. The only way to land it is to deploy the drogues and flip it over. The com is in front of the col even with the fuel drained and it flies well if launched from the runway. (I didn't get to take a screenshot of reentry because I was fighting it.) the cargo bay is open in the pic where the fuel is drained does anyone have a solution?
  9. Thanks for the tip.
  10. Sorry about that. Can it be moved? Or removed?
  11. Oh, well then i'll use imgur I guess.
  12. I have a rocket that I want to show and ask about, but I can't get the attachment onto here. How do I upload the photo without using other sites?
  13. I want to get to Duna... How?

    I have practiced aerobraking on mun returns and Duna probes, but the only thing i'm concerned about is hauling a massive heat shield over there. But I can always add more boosters!
  14. I want to get to Duna... How?

    Delta-v is basically the amount of acceleration your ship can produce before it runs out of fuel. Say you were in deep space with no gravity or drag affecting you. if you had 1,000 m/s of dV, you could reach a speed of 1,000 m/s before running out of fuel.
  15. I want to get to Duna... How?

    I thought that an Apollo style mission would be the best. I already have done one on the Mun and I have a few Ideas for a Duna Rocket, and now I have KER so I can build the best rocket for it.