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  1. I want to create new FX (like rocket flames), but I don't know how. Can I use GIMP? Is there a specific file format I need to use?
  2. You know how when you place a decoupler on the bottom of an engine, a fairing shows up around it? Well, as the title says, an engine in a mod I'm making shows the engine fairing in the preview. When I use the part without a decoupler, the engine displays like I want it to. How do I hide the faring in the preview? P.S. Should I just say what my mod is about? I was planing to keep it a secret so it could be more of a surprise. However, if it's a hindrance to keep it a secret, I can say what the mod is about.
  3. Well, I kinda figured out a solution to my own problem. I just needed to split the larger tanks into separate pieces. The center will still keep the regular texture, but the new pieces will have the blue texture even if I extend it far enough. So how do I close a thread? My problem is solved.
  4. No need to worry, I'm planning to turn the texture into a .dds file once I'm done with the texture changes.
  5. I'm probably gonna keep it as a 2048x2048 texture, but thanks for the advice. EDIT: Should I even bother with the label?
  6. As I'm new to modding, modeling and texturing, I need a bit of help with texture size. The texture shown in the image is a .png file 2048 x 2048 pixels, and is about 48 KB (49,569 bytes when I checked the properties). This seems to prove problematic in Blender, as the textures for each of the tank sides are 256 x 128 pixels. This means I can't fit textures on a t-800 sized tank. Can I reduce the size of the textures in the models (and still have the warning label readable)? Or, am I going about this all wrong, and the texture picture itself is too small?
  7. I try to build cars, and they do kind of drive. However, my main problem is that they turn way too well, where turning the car has a higher acceleration than just moving the car forward. But I do also like building rockets and planes.
  8. I originally posted this on Reddit, but I was suggested to post it here instead. As you may have guessed, I want to make some mods for KSP. I plan to use Blender for my modeling purposes, and GIMP 2 for texturing purposes. However, I am still a noob at the whole mod making thing, so I've got some questions about the whole thing. 1.) According to the KSP wiki tutorial on making assets (click here for the link to the tutorial), it says I need to install Unity 4.2.2. I installed Unity 2017.3.1 instead. Will it still work, or do I need to install 4.2.2? 2a.) How do I import the adapter models? I'd like the parts in my mod to be able to smoothly attach to the stock parts. 2b.) Once I import said adapter models, how do I ensure it's centered properly? (It's more of a question about Blender, really.) 3.) If someone makes better textures or models for the mod, could I use those textures with their permission? I'm not the best at texturing, in fact I'm kinda bad at drawing. 4.) When creating an engine's configuration files, is the ISP calculated, or do you have to input it manually? Thanks for the help, the next mod I'm making is gonna be weird, nonsensical, stupid, and yet surprisingly good for space travel.
  9. I was thinking of making a Mk4 part mod, with Mk4 engines, fuel tanks, etc. However, I don't want to make a mod if one already exists. Are there any Mk4 part mods?
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