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  1. Unmanned before manned (Have it as an option to do the current stock career tech tree and start or an unmanned tech tree and missions) Real Plume - Nothing more visually pleasing seeing the plumes change and you gain altitude and gives a visual representation of you going into thinner and thinner atmosphere and how the gasses react to
  2. 1. It would be nice to have an option to start the game in a way where the missions and tech tree is reworked in a way that you start off with probes before putting Kerbals into rockets. I know there are mods and everything but would be nice to see in stock game as a more "realistic" start. And again i know there are mods out there for these things but they are getting outdated and some are being left behind. Making the plumes act as they do in real life or like in the mod RealPlumes where the gasses expand the higher you get into the atmosphere making it look more realistic and pleasing/rewarding as you get higher and higher into space. A visual indicator that you are getting higher and higher into the atmosphere.
  3. Awesome i was able to get enough science in the first launch. I will continue to play and see if i come across any other hurdles. Thank you for the quick response !
  4. The Communitron works fine when get to slow down enough to quickly send the science but it's pointless to have a way of sending science but not enough electrical charge to send it, for the started probe doesn't have enough charge in it. In hard mode science is harder to get. I got the goo from the launch pad and the runway and did 1 landed part testing contracts but only managed to get up to 4.3 science leaving me stuck again. I'm currently just playing with stock parts. Doing a great job and always wish the devs would add a option to start unmanned or manned tech tree. Thanks to the mod community wishes come true
  5. @SpinkAkron Been trying the mod with the Seti contracts and the one problem i have is when playing on hard mode you get stuck with science and with completing the first 2 contracts. Maybe if possible add a way to transmit the science at the first node so its esier to get to the next 5 science node because i got stuck on 3.8 science and unable to beat the 18k barrier
  6. Yea it was my mistake my bad @DMagic @Lodvib it still works with 1.4
  7. Basic DeltaV sometimes doesn't show up at the launch pad even when I have the option selected to have it shown. It works the first few times and then after that it stops working
  8. I know you can get it here but most people use CKAN for their mods for ease of use
  9. Not sure if this has been brought up but when looking closely I can notice static like effect on distant planets and objects
  10. I have the contracts mod installed but I dont see the remotetech missions. I have other missions but they require me to allready have a satilite and make it go roghe or something. someone please help
  11. Ahhh okay I guess I misunderstood the mod. I thought it added animations to the stock decouples.
  12. I'm confused? How do I install the mod? I put in gamedata folder but nother happens. I read the Readme but I have no idea what they are talking about
  13. @Kerbas_ad_astra I used CKAN to install the mod but ill try to uningstall it and do a manual install. Looks like the CKAN version bust be older or broken. Thanks for helping Kerbas its fixed now
  14. Not sure if this has been asked before but will the new DLC also effect Career? Like will the tech tree be expanded for the new parts and career contracts based on the new items?