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  1. lesson learned. Curse used to be reliable afaik but apparently its parasitic garbage now.
  3. Uninstalling Twitch Launcher now. Then gonna uninstall the game and reinstall the game. I delete everything every time. heck ive even used fancy 3rd party uninstall and remove from existance tools for a couple of these removals. I have a onedrive, but i rarely use it. Ive been using it for log data and a resume, but not games.
  4. ok so the way my files are named is the issue? I reinstalled in a brand new clean steam library location thats not as jerky-aroundy. Still not workin. All old things were completely obliterated. Everything new is stock. There are NO MODS. zero zilch nada. Fresh Output Log: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlnNv5PRAjpnxgftpcwJU_Wa7wwx
  5. I used to use Twitch to help manage mods I would use, but I've since uninstalled all mods over twitch. I have none. I can try installing it elsewhere. I haven't written any scripts, no. Mod Manager used to be a thing I used to use also, but like i said i don't mod anymore
  6. haha yea its from when i was a college kid. Ive litterally have had the same backup system in place for decades, just moving from hard drive to hard drive. I've done EXACTLY step by step what you are saying, but I will give it another try. Every time I uninstall and reinstall through steam I have the same issues (I do not add mods, no idea how firespitter keeps showing up every. single. time.) Also after i verify file intergrity. I described all this in my first post, but probably not as clearly as I could have.
  7. Ok soooo after finding my output_log.txt file (it was in a mix of all those default addresses kinda cobbled together) I got it zipped and uploaded to onedrive. Here is a link to said Zip File Output_Log.txt
  8. So KSP won't load past the 75-80% mark. Its not freezing, but it will sit for hours just looking pretty. I have: 1. Uninstalled and Reinstalled (cleanly, both with the uninstall feature in steam and on my remove programs option on windows) 2. removed all mods 3. Verified and reacquired all files mulitple times (every time it runs, somehow 420 files need to be reacquired. I validate, fix this issue, run again, and same issues reemerge) 4. Verified my language is english 5. Run the program manually as 64 bit from the .exe file 6. beat my head against the wall 7. cried real tears into my beer linked is a screenshot of where it stops loading, unfrozen but no more progress after 3 hours of "patiently" waiting:
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