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  1. I've updated and tested without KJR, it's not the issue. I'll just keep messing with stuff until I or someone else find what might be causing it. I have to admit, it is quite amusing though https://streamable.com/67zjnh
  2. Further to this after some prodding - it goes mental every time it loads physics it seems, so coming out of timewarp, vessel switch, loading the vessel in from tracking station - With KJR off, the telescope mount whips round wildly before returning to its upright position. Is this a known bug or is my game being weird?
  3. First off, fantastic stuff! I've been off KSP for about a year and coming back to all this is amazing. I have got a slight issue with the new Skylab robotics - well, one of two things happens when I switch to and from the Skylab, either: 1) The Apollo telescope mount ends up on the other side to where it's meant to be - even weirder, the truss is in the correct position (pointing to zenith), but the telescope module itself is nadir, or: 2) The entire vessel rapidly explodes and debris gets chucked outwards at insane speeds, like, solar escape speeds. Checking the in-game log of events, it seems to start with a failure in the connection between the telescope mount and the rotating truss. I've got an absolute armada of mods, so maybe something is causing it to hate the robotic parts when switching? If it was anything, I would guess maybe Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Continued. Any help would be great, thanks!
  4. This is beyond amazing, it's definitely going to make me want to launch everything with a tower!
  5. Hey, I know its a bit of a late thing but I've only just come across and combed through this thread today, but is the pad pictured gonna be released/can it be found anywhere? Would appreciate any help in finding something like it if not
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