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  1. Thanks, and now i have another issue, i can change the type of fuel between h2/h2 and lox/liquidfuel/liquid fuel and oxidizer but there is no methalox and kerolox, sooo i cannot use the raptor and the merlin with the falcons and the starship. Anyoine has any idea of why this is happening?
  2. I think i´ve installed them correctly, I would say i followed your instructions accuratly (I dont really know a lot about this kind of stuff )
  3. Hi again, i managed to solve this, now the engines use real fuels, but now the fuel tanks dont have fuel at all, not even liquid fuel or oxidizer. Also, the falcon 9 first stage textures are all glitchy. Would love if someone could help me, thanks.
  4. Hi, it still does not work, the merlin and raptor still uses liquid fuel and oxidizer, i cannot manage to turn it to real fuels
  5. Hey i have a question, how do i make to change between the tundra skins of the falcon 9 and the actual falcon 9 skin?