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  1. Quick response, and seems very helpful.... i'll give it a go. I have a feeling you made it sound easier than it is, but i have a knack for learning new things, so if it works..... i'll thank you tons. About repeating for every update: i dont intend to do so.... GOG hasnt yet updated to 1.4, so i intend to take this opportunity to get every decent mod i can find for 1.3.1, edit/rearrange everything, create patches for interoperability, etcetera...... then store it all, so i have a ready-to-go installer and gamedata folder for any time i wish to play. (i dont intend to update for quite some time)
  2. To start: i like my files hidden away under masses of folders. categorized, then subcategorized, then subsubcategorized, etcetera. To examplize this inquiry, I'd rather have nertea's mods take up one folder in my gamedata, not ten folders (thus, making gamedata easier to navigate if/when i wish to edit or delete something from these mods or others. smaller gamedata = easier to find everything).... however, dropping all 6 near future's, cryo, atomic, heat control, and station parts, into a single folder named "nertea", then editing every config which points to a folder, to point to "nertea/originalfolder/", has worked thus far up to: near future electrical plugin. i get an icon on my toolbar to manage my reactors. im assuming that is the plugin adding that toolbar button.... and that button has no icon. im also assuming it doesnt have an icon because the dll plugin is looking for the icon in nearfutureelectrical/ui, and not nertea/nearfutureelectrical/ui So..... how would i go about editing this plugin (as well as others) to look for icons/resources somewhere other than default? ..... or is it impossible / extremely difficult / a lost cause, and i should just deal with a more-cluttered gamedata folder? as a side-note, i use nertea as an example because it is popular and recognizable, and wish this information in regards to many mods.... no ill thoughts to nertea and the beautiful work they do.
  3. Greetings All I've tried many different things, and scoured many configs for examples, and tried many copy/pastes, in the hopes of fixing/Editing some engines, with regards to realfuels. Specifically, airbreathing engines, and multimode engines. For the life of me, i cannot figure out how to set up airbreathing engines to have multiple configs (a propeller engine to have a kerosene/air, and a ethanol/air, as an example) every time i attempt, it either doesnt work at all, or i get the option to switch between them just like the normal engines, except it shows me having zero thrust, insanely large number for max thrust velocity, and/or really low ISP. In regards to multimode engines, like the rapier.... i'd like to modify it to have different configs for each mode. (Kerosene+air and ethanol+air for airbreathing.... and kerosene+lqdox and ethanol+lqdox for closed cycle..... or methane instead of ethanol, or something) ..... (I'd also like to create a multimode engine with variable configs, for a propeller engine, where i have my normal configs (keresone/air, ethanol/air, etcetera) and a second mode that adds in a third fuel, for a nice boost. (nitrous) ) If anyone would be so kind as to walk me through how i can accomplish these two tasks, i would be forever grateful. i have searched many times through the supplied configs (using the stockalike configs linked in original post), and via google, to no avail.
  4. That is a lot to read into for information, and i shall indeed see if i can find what i need, via those links. Thank you much. As for the final question: my perfect game, is choice and aesthetics. i want a lot of options, i want them to be viable options, and i want them to look good. With things like KW rocketry, necrobones mods, nertea's near future stuff, and a wide range of smaller mods, i get a lot of options, but on the aesthetics front, there is one engine above all others. i like spaceplanes, and i like the mk2 form factor. the sexiest engine ever, is the j-61 "starwaster" from the OPT legacy pack.... unfortunately, its not a good option. being air-breathing-only, and with very low isp and thrust from standstill at sea level, it doesnt work efficiently to lift a single-stage to space, and it doesnt work in space. my "current" goal is to edit that particular engine to be a multimode engine making it viable enough to use on some spaceplanes, and compatable with realfuels for more options. i also like have multiple different engines and multiple fuels on my ships. perhaps not as efficient, but i like knowing if i fly around the solar system on some normal engines, i have a bit of xenon or argon, and an efficient engine capable of bringing me back to kerbin, when i run out of normal fuel.... as such, i'd like to add such capabilities to the sexy OPT mk2 engine (and others) ..... that, i've successfully done. however, if i set up a 4-mode engine, using 4 different fuels.... it doesnt seem right to unlock it all in the same node. this topic is about getting my engine to have rapier-like-performance when i unlock it in the aircraft line like normal, yet acquire a xenon/argon mode when i get a node in that line, and a nuclear-like mode when i get a node in that line.
  5. Alright, thanks for the information.... i guess in that regard, its outside my scope. Would it be possible to have a part require multiple different nodes to unlock? so, instead of getting the part at one node, i only get to use it if three seperate nodes were all researched? And i suppose along the same line, would it be possible to remove/replace an item, if you have it, when a node is unlocked? example being i have three nearly identical part files.... one unlocks at node A, like normal..... when i get node B, that part is removed from availability, and a different part becomes available?
  6. Hey all, im a long time player of ksp, off and on, but only recently made the foray into actually using forums. I have also finally decided to start the path of making my perfect game. My question is: can i unlock / upgrade a part, based on future tech tree nodes? To get more specific: i have an engine from a mod, which i've managed to edit into a multimode engine, similar to the famous rapier... and through the use of GT industries, i am adding more capabilities (air breathing, closed cycle, as usual... but also an ion/xenon mode, and something akin to nuclear). what i would like to happen, is, when this engine gets unlocked via the aircraft row in the tech tree, it is only capable of airbreathing and closed cycle.... then, if and when i unlock ion node, or nuclear node, the additional mode(s) unlock. is this possible in any way?
  7. There we go, that's the answer i was looking for.... now i know how to fix it, thanks a ton
  8. I have that option enabled, it still isnt showing me splashdowns for mountains or highlands on kerbin and to the others, who explained to me why bathemytry doesnt work, thanks, i'll just make sure i do them manually (and others i've since found.)... that is easy, however, just ensure i do them all when i unlock the experiment. nothing to unlock and forget about, in the case of "normal" biomes
  9. Hey all, this mod is one of my "must have" mods for every time i crawl back to ksp.... and being so important to me, this is also my first post on these forums. I find what i believe to be an issue (for me), with x science..... im not asking the author to add this request in, as im sure not many want it, but..... x science seems to be missing bathemytry (sp) data (which i believe is from dmagic science, but if its from something else, let me know) .... and also, it appears to be missing, at the least, highlands and mountains splashdowns, in the checklist. for me, who likes 100% science runs (and who has meticulously hunted down the mountains and highlands splashdowns, in 1.3.1.... thus, knows they exist), i'd like to be reminded by xscience to gather science at those locations, in case i forget after unlocking a new experiment. if anyone could be so kind as to walk me through how and what to edit to add this capability, it'd be appreciated.