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  1. Well I have removed "No Duplicates" mod and I'm happy as it is now. I don't mind if I see something in different categories. The rest of mods are very helpful especially for tanks and engines.
  2. Indeed I found it there, although I don't have the NoDuplicates mod installed now. I don't use WOLF I never checked this one. I was typing in the search box but it seems it doesn't work very well. Thanks anyway. Btw my module looks different it's a grey box with a screen.
  3. I don't use RationalResources and I searched the module to no avail. So my KSP.log and ModuleManager.ConfigCache here.
  4. The No Duplicates mod hides the Surface Scanning Module. I was looking for long time it but it was missing. Once I uninstalled the mod the module re-appeared. It's possible that hides other parts too. Now I have only CP titles and extras only.
  5. lol I'm the same guy who told you about b9part switch and tweakscale errors... I didn't blame any specific mod it was just a thought. I hope b9part and other mods gets their updates soon then
  6. There were several updates for mods recently. Can't remember which ones but MJ surely was not. Very likely TweakScale causes the problem I get many errors from it but I can't work without it. I will check ksp.log maybe I find some info there.
  7. Recently a green square appeared around the symbol of my space station in orbital view. Restarting the game does not change anything. Does anyone knows why this happens? A mod issue?
  8. Yesterday the rainbow cat started to appear on my loading screen. I know it's related to beta version of Module Manager but I haven't see any update for MM so something else is happening. I've cleared MM cache files cat still appears. Anyone knows?
  9. I know TweakScale clashes wtih B9 part switch I already reported it. Probably others but it's impossible to find which one as many of them are dependecies for others and even if I manage to remove some my game won't load. I try to keep only well know mods and updated. But in all games that come with mods this is to be expected, lots of memory load and possible crashes. Cities Skylines was the worst...
  10. I built a new system in November. AMD Ryzen 5900x, 32GB RAM G.Skill 3600Mhz, 512 Samsung 980 Pro. And I kept my older Nvidia 970 because the new graphic cards are extremely expensive and not worth to spend a fortune especially if you don't play killing games that use advanced graphics like raytracing. System is blazing fast. When I boot up it takes seconds. When it comes to KSP things are not so good because of the mods. It takes more than a minute to load and takes about 17GB RAM probably more sometimes. It crashes often and even Chrome in the background freezes because system is out of me
  11. Yeap I find the issue and reported still don't know the cause but those spotlights were reverted to older version probably another patch. But recently I had the same behaviour on a ship while I was attaching parachutes. I'm not a programmer so my understanding the issues are limited. But I have a good experience or perhaps bad... with mods in various games. At least in KSP it keeps working instead of entirely ruining the game. I can alwas reload and continue even with errors. To remove TweakScale or some other mods it's not possible because they remove their dependecies then I won't be ab
  12. It's a strange thing. Don't know what happens in KSP.log during the game but those errors in VAB screen don't appear always. What I do when I see errors is to clean Module Manager cache files, and PartDatabase. Then game seems to run smoothly. But not for long. After some VAB editing, errors re-appear. Something else, that happened 2 weeks ago during a spotlight installation on my Space Station... well it exploded! The entire station exploded. I reloaded several times and station was exploding every time not matter where I was installing the spotlight. At first I thought it was a USI gr
  13. I'm having errors in VAB with TweakScale whenever I touch something. Here is KSP.log
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