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  1. From the release notes: * Previously Revamped Parts moved to zDeprecated. How do I undo this? You've broken my save game and saved craft. This is why I play stock. I need those parts back.
  2. Thanks - trying to sign up and lend my voice to the ticket but it's not sending email to verify my account. Boo! Agree - it's game breaking.
  3. This really needs to be fixed, it's been an issue for half a year and makes the game unplayable. Is there a way to bump this with the devs?
  4. Thank you for this mod. It is a good work-around for the 4k resolution issues since 1.4.3. I hate that we need to rely on mods to fix new bugs though! Thank you for your efforts.
  5. Cheers for that, would be most useful! I have recently come to Spectra from KSPRC and things look great - however Kerbin looks pretty stock and not like other screenshots in this thread. Main menu comparison will soon sort me out I'm sure.
  6. Hello, perhaps an odd request... Could we please get a screenshot of KSP's opening menu screen? I think this would be a good indication of whether everything is installed correctly by letting us immediately compare our home screen Kerbin against the screenshot. Thanks!