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  1. Hi, first of all thanks for this awesome mod. I'm currently playing on my first GPP install but I'm not sure how to update it to the new release that came earlier today. I'm a bit afraid to break everything. Do I just need to download the new release and replace the files?
  2. I cant really help you, I play KSP for 4 days now after 2 years without playing it I dont know much about everything. As Singing Boyo said, kopernicus made an alert by telling us "DON'T LOAD YOUR SAVE" and to read the log file. I tried to load a sandbox game but the game was completly broken at this point : it was stuck at "loading" forever. For what I understand in the log file, if you remove the Pol terrain, it should fix it. Btw, thank you for this mod, the game looks awesome now.
  3. Hi, just for information I run into this issue. I just reinstall KSP after 2 years without playing and I wanted a visual pack. I can confirm there is a bug with Kopernicus > 1.3.1-3 exactly as said in previous post. Installing Kopernicus v1.3.1-3 (30 November 2017 release) fixed it and everything is working fine since.