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  1. Well, the info is it happens in stock plus that I've tried that I know that it is not module manager. I've tried deleting it from steam the uninstalling and reinstalling it but that does not work either do you have any ways to fix it or not because it as really interrupting my videos and my missions (Mainly inter-planetary) and it will be helpful if someone can help me. hopefully, there is a method
  2. Nice' gigantic rocket I really enjoy it
  3. so whenever I play ksp the game crashes or glitches and it does not happen to anyone else and it's getting annoying and someone please respond to me
  4. Hola Kerbonauts en todo el mundo Alguna vez te has preguntado cuáles son las antenas que colocas en tu nave, porque se ven geniales, ¿verdad? ¿Qué tan lejos puedes ir con ellos? ¿Cuántas ciencias podrás enviar cuando llegues allí? ¡Es fácil! Simplemente multiplique la potencia de su antena más potente con el resultado de la división de la suma de la potencia de su antena por la potencia de la antena más fuerte que se eleva por su exponente de combinabilidad ponderado promedio. Esto le dará el poder de su nave espacial, ahora calcule la raíz de este número multiplicado por
  5. so there's a kraken i discovered it happened in career mode when I just landed my first stage for reusability and switched back to my main capsule the capsule got flung faster than the speed of light and in a milla second it overheated and exploded and is still left me in confused please reply if you know anything about this i did not get a pic tho
  6. why do some mods like to scatter around and now i have this mod stuck in my game and it make's things disappear when there detached
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