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  1. The 1.0 update is just around the corner. Final round of testing so far: (I still like the old parts)
  2. @matts73 I checked and Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes appears to be causing the error. I'll try to see why this is happening. (Also, Science Full Reward is made redundant by this mod, and so is Science Full Transmit for the most part.)
  3. @theJesuit Thank you for your suggestion! That's a good idea, but I'm not sure if it would fit the mod. My intention for Better with Science is to spur exploration and increase difficulty, and the less science you have at your disposal, the more you have to seek it out. (The crew report and EVA report have both had their science values increased slightly, so the early game shouldn't be too much harder without ground science.)
  4. @dxeh At the moment, no. Perhaps when Kopernicus updates I can disable just the KSC biomes, but right now I have erred on the side of difficulty. On the plus side, now you don't have to spend hours flying around Kerbin for a few more science points!
  5. Updated to 0.92 Fixed a bug where science transmission values were hidden Increased the cost for resetting some experiments from 5 to 25 EC Changed the values for nuclear engines Thanks to Probus and theJesuit for your kind feedback! I'm honored to be visited by such illustrious modders as you two. To answer your question, the nuclear patch modifies all engines with EngineType = Nuclear, which should include all mods that do not add their own functionality to nuclear engines.
  6. Overview The Better with Science mod is intended to overhaul the Kerbal Space Program progression, reducing grind and increasing the overall difficulty. It is, however, a work in progress and it is recommended to play it in Science Mode rather than Career. In its current state, Better with Science has three components: 1) A new tech tree, made to extend the mid-to-late game while staying close to stock; 2) a science overhaul, with changes to experiment values, biomes, and data transmission; and 3) an electrics re-balance, intended to make electricity an important factor in the d
  7. The first thing I did when I saw the alligator hinges: COLLAPSIBLE PLANE
  8. PART THE FIFTH In which Ike is landed upon Utilizing new compound-name technology, the Duna-Ike was the pinnacle of Kerbal space-flight. Fig 5.1: The Duna-Ike It was quite advanced in terms of Science experiments, the Space Program having, in fact, spent all 1400-odd Science on new ones, rather than on more sensible parts like fuel tanks, engines, landing legs, and the like. Fig 5.2: The Duna-Ike The mission plan was as follows: Firstly, a standard launch to orbit, followed by, after several days, a transfer burn, which would be accomplished using the Duna-I
  9. PART THE FOURTH In which a slightly greater achievement is accomplished, but with none of the fanfare The Minmus was essentially the same space-craft as the Mun 2, but with one important difference: the Minmus was crewed by a scientist, but flown by a probe-core. Fig. 1: The Minmus, poorly lit This enabled it to collect Science using only a single set of experiments, and the probe’s partial control, combined with the scientist’s partial control, enabled it to be flown nearly as if by a qualified pilot; except for maneuver nodes, for which purpose it carried a large ant
  10. PART THE THIRD In which the greatest achievement accomplished by Kerbalkind... is. The Mun 2, as it was called, was indubitably the greatest achievement ever accomplished by Kerbalkind, at least for a few years. Fig. 1: The greatest achievement ever accomplished by Kerbalkind. It was a colossal space-craft, almost twice the size of the preceding mission, with an unprecedented amount of stages and an even greater number of parts. Fig. 2: Let’s take a look at it again. The Mun 2 would soar to unparalleled heights both figurative and literal. Fig. 3: This
  11. In keeping with the spirit of the original Caveman Challenge, both because the original Caveman Challenge was done in 1.0.4, and because of the 'Caveman' in the name, would it be allowed for me to complete the challenge in 1.0.5?
  12. PART THE SECOND In which the Mun is flown by The Mun 1 was the first ‘space-craft’ to bear the Mun designation, and the first to visit another celestial body. Its design put to an end the lingering dullness of the previous three missions and ushered in a new era of space-craft that differed, at least slightly, from what others were doing. Fig. 1: The Mun 1 Once it was in orbit, the Mun 1 transferred to a trajectory that flew past the Mun, a ‘fly-by’ if you will, using a new ‘transfer stage’ designed especially for this purpose. Fig. 2: The experimental ‘transfe
  13. PREFACE BY THE AUTHOR CONTENTS i. Preface by the Author ii. Contents 1. In which the endeavor is begun, and several missions are launched. 2. In which the Mun is flown by. 3. In which the greatest achievement ever accomplished by Kerbalkind... is. 4. In which a slightly greater achievement is accomplished, but with none of the fanfare. 5. In which Ike is landed upon. PART THE FIRST In which the endeavor is begun, and several missions are launched The first mission of this space program was an uninteresting one, a mission that you have do
  14. Could the following threads please be locked? (My old poorly-written KSP stories) Thank you.
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