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  1. I'm having the same issue. This wouldn't bother me too much, but the ejected ship is on a moderately different orbit and it makes it difficult to deliver Space Station parts near the space station as the orbit of the new ship is off... Suggestions? -Hawke
  2. For more information, you can follow the discussion and find a temporary solution here: Kopernicus/Kopernicus#272
  3. So I am having a problem with GPP Secondary. When it is installed, the Mun, minimus and about half the planets have no biomes. I did a fresh install, ran the game, installed Kopernicus, ran the game, installed GPP and GPP secondary (And their required dependencies) ran the game. The first time I ran it (Vanilla) - Mun has biomes. The second time I ran it (Kopernicus) - Mun has biomes. Last time I ran it(GPP, GPP Sec) - No biomes. When I try to do an EVA Report the console shows the following error: [Experiments]: Setting FX Modules to 1... [Experiments]: FX Modules set: 1 Exception: IndexOutOfRangeException: Array Index is out of range. Suggestions? -Hawke