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  1. Yup, deleted all directories. I reinstalled all of the mods through CKAN. I recently started to use the 64-bit application, and no more problems have arisen since.
  2. No planet packs installed. I've just wiped all my mods and reinstalled them. This is my gamedata folder as of now: We'll see what happens.
  3. My game seems to be crashing only if I have certain mods installed. All mods I installed were through CKAN, and I checked to make sure they were up to date for 1.3.1 Mods included: KW Rocketry Re-balanced SpaceY and SpaceY Expanded Kerbal Engineer Near Future Propulsion E.V.E. I suspect the issues comes from the dependencies each mod installs, but I'm not sure. Here's the crash folder, with logs and the .dmp file: