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  1. Yes, but they can use old damage values, don't they?
  2. Very nicce work here man! Can I just ask if you on your old pre BETA patch also changed weapon damage from explosionRadius and other definitions to newer TNTmass?
  3. DarkMultiPlayer [KSP 1.3.1] [Alpha]

    I have redirected this message to my collegues and I'll send you PM with response, or you can simply join our discord server here
  4. DarkMultiPlayer [KSP 1.3.1] [Alpha]

    Kerbal DMP was never meant to be used with career mod and in past versions of KSP it was changed to some extend. The career multiplayer is higly experimental and contain bugs. The developer of DMP Darklight is now cooperating with us, developers of LMP or LunaMultiplayer which is overally complete rewrite of the DMP with improvements and in future probably some mod support or API. We haven't support mods or career yet, but I suggest watching our progress. Have fun! Ave! Toonu
  5. [1.2] VesselMover Continued - v1.5.1.3

    Okay, so the save is okay when it didn't worked on new save with old craft from the other save. But interestingly when I move the .craft files to VAB it can be spawned from VAB tab. It's weird simply, wanna any .log btw? Maybe you can resolve it in future.
  6. [1.2] VesselMover Continued - v1.5.1.3

    Hello, I tried to make new save but the issue still persist. It the log, there is no error except missing thumbnails when VesselMover spawn new button are clicked + there is Exception: ArgumentException: An element with the same key already exisist in the dictionary.
  7. Yeah I figured some of it our and now I edit the kurves by @key,0 = X @key,1 = Y etc to do it right, engine now works correctly and fuel is determined by atmosphereCurve ISP number + ratios in propellants, right?
  8. Hello I encountered problem before 2 days and I was searching all the forum's topics and wikipedia of MM and KSP. Yet I haven'T found an answer to this. I made this patch where I'm doing my own engine module for engine but when I try the engine it says AirCombustion failed because of no fuel, intakes are okay and I even cheat propellant but the engine still refuse to work. I also had treshold on 0.01 instead of 0 but that didn't helped. Any ideas what's wrong with it?
  9. ModuleEngine

    Thanks a lot for this clear and up to date explanation. Actually I have one more question, how do you edit how much fuel per second engine consume? I heard its done via ISP of atmosphereCurve, is it true? Except the ration of fuel set inside the propellants. EDIT: And the flow multiplier is flow of fuel I guess so its answer to my question, right? EDIT2: Actually I found that atmCurve is for thrust vs pressure instead of flowMultiplier vs pressure, is it right? SOurce:
  10. Thanks, sorry for the tread but I thought it will be more visible than just post there. Thank you for any help from you.
  11. ModuleEngine

    Okay, sorry for doublepost, but from one more source I read I understand it like this: AtmCurve is hrust changing with pressure AtmCurveISP is ISP changing with pressure AtmosphereCurve is ISP changing with Pressure VelCurve is in Mach speed changing thrust (decreasing with speed) VelCurveISP is decreasing ISP with Mach number (or increasing...scramjets?) VelocityCurve is in mps and is also changing thrust with speed, but instead of Mach the m/s? Is it correct or I'm wrong (again ) ? Thanks for replies!
  12. Hello there, I''ve been creating MM patch to edit one engine whole day today, because it had bad velocityCurve, but when I get deeper into it I found out I'm confused what curve do what. So here's my question...we're talking about jet and propeller engines What's the difference between VelocityCurve VelCurve and VelCurveISP and between AtmosphereCurve, AtmCurve and AtmCurveISP ? The velocity curves are in m/s or Mach number because I found both describen on forum and wiki. AtmopshereCurves are all in key = atmopsheredensity - ISP or atmo density - ISP change (aka 0.8 from original ISP) Why are in some engines all four curves and in some three or two? Thanks for any replies! Example of engine I found with 4 curves, two of same type
  13. Hello, I know this is not that much plugin related, but when I was making engine today, I wasn't sure from the wiki and other sources how do the curves. I know how to do them, but I found many post that describes them differently. The engine have to have velCurve or VelocityCurve and AtmCurve or AtmosphereCurve, also does it need to have atmChangeFlow = True useVelCurveIsp = False useVelCurve = True useAtmCurveIsp = False useAtmCurve = True these ones that aren't described anywhere? Because when I set up the engine like this EDIT1: Eh and now when I tried the engine, I instantly get into space and game crashes...
  14. Red vs Blue Continued

    It wasn't a thread, it was assurance it has changed and the picture was just to show things... You are still talking about part clipping but you even don't know how the part looks like now.
  15. [1.2] VesselMover Continued - v1.5.1.3

    Yeah, I already bypassed it to moving the crafts to VAB folder, because even in stock SPH folder it didn't showed properly. My savegame was new (game save, not the crafts) and even when I have 20 crafts, every of them can't be corrupted, right? I just wanted to submit this issue. Thanks for info! Toonu