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  1. Is there way to increase the range then? @Ger_space
  2. Hello, I am using your mod in one project in KSP with friends. I spawned my crafts normally, they are sitting on or near bases from KK/KSide, but when some other person tries to spawn his crafts (after I sent him the save) my crafts dive into the ground and explode. We are also using Physics range extender linked with BDA, so bases far away can be maybe unloaded in KK but loaded crafts via BDA?
  3. Toonu

    Official FAR Craft Repository

    Thank you, the plane was already "fixed" (it was good, but is superior now ). No full pitch stall issues and other problems. Also, when using canards, you suggest to put it to -100AoA or make lift when turning by being horizontal to flow?
  4. Toonu

    Official FAR Craft Repository

    The plane is good when I decreased the deflection, but is there a way to make the plane more maneuverable at the same time, because with lower deflection, it turns worse... (8 degrees) + how simulate full deflection? I can see only full flaps etc...
  5. Toonu

    Official FAR Craft Repository

    Hello, stall of elevators while at 100% input can be decreased or removed by enlarging the wings or just limiting the degree of the surface?
  6. Toonu

    [1.4.x] Heisenberg - Airships Part Pack

    Hello, is the Airpark working on 1.4.5?
  7. Hello guys, what is RadarLOAL and also is there possibility to add MCLOS somehow?
  8. When setting up gun and its ammo. How I can know if the gun penetrate exactly 100mm of armour..or...250...350...etc? Git documentation is bit outdated.
  9. Toonu

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    We need a names for Block 5 boosters....the B1046.2 is...not ideal...
  10. One more thing, my plane when attacking ground target with guns always shots bellow target (due to gravity probably). But if I put the guns up, the plane miss other planes and overshoots them. Any ideas?
  11. Hello, what is AI unclamping//clamping in the AI part?
  12. Toonu

    DARPA selects Boeing to work on XS-1

    Just an idea. If the carrier plane will be specialized to launch it from some place to not affect its own flight path, would it be possible to take fuel from the plane itself to speed rocket and plane together before launch and flying with own fuel? I know the plane would need to be able to handle supersonic speeds but we had such planes for long time.
  13. Toonu

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Don't even try... @dundun92
  14. A related the past bigger decelerator gravity fall test showed anything...or the newer GBAR? Like falling down/up?
  15. What about pushing the debris by laser?