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  1. Toonu

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I haven't been at SpaceX news feed for some time and just saw that Falcon 9 with BFR there, is it current plan to test the BFR or is it just fake?
  2. Toonu

    The end of NASA

    I won't dig into your calculations of launch cost, because I also think, only launch cost should be included (not vehicle costs, maintenance and other stuff mentioned before) , not cost of whole program divided by launches. The problem is, do you really think it would get better with new administrative of so called Space force? You know how hard is to push trough new (expensive) programs too and how much it get ovet their budgets at the military. (Looking at you F-35 and other programs...)
  3. Hello, after contact to the BDA, I think it can be, because Physics range extender don't register KK statics as ground and thus crafts load underground in the scenario. Do you think it can be the issue or how to fix it?
  4. You mean the KK devs or BDA devs? Either way, who to tag then, papaJoe?
  5. The results are that the KSC runway is perfectly fine which suggests the KK/KS can be the problem? How to fix it then?
  6. Yes, I am using latest version of BDA > bundled PRE. I will try stock KSC runway later today and let you know here.
  7. The jitter is okay, but the spawning underground is the issue. I can live with jitter, its part of KSP since alpha . When I load KSP and every craft on ground explodes, it is a problem.
  8. Hello, there is jitter in my game on all crafts and most also spawn underground under KK bases, this is serious issue and make the game unplayable, the crafts also jump around and overall it feels bad. Aaaaand, here's the log... I would be very thankful for any help with this issue. On KK thread, they said it's not issue of them but physics range extender, which I have set to 30km to try make KK bases load within this range.
  9. Okay, thanks for reply. Will contact BDA then.
  10. Toonu

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Hi guys, will BFR with two side Falcon 9s work as bigger Falcon heavy or is it more efficient to send the core than spend more fuel on side boosters? (I know...speculation...)
  11. Hello again, the problem is still unresolved though I changed range extension of BDA to 30km. It loads fine, but when I warp time forward and then stop = load physics again, things starts to jump and lag as seen in video bellow. Crafts are still underground in most cases or jumping around - like the planes which ended like in the video. Aaaaand, here's the log... I would be very thankful for any help, @Ger_space
  12. Is there way to increase the range then? @Ger_space
  13. Hello, I am using your mod in one project in KSP with friends. I spawned my crafts normally, they are sitting on or near bases from KK/KSide, but when some other person tries to spawn his crafts (after I sent him the save) my crafts dive into the ground and explode. We are also using Physics range extender linked with BDA, so bases far away can be maybe unloaded in KK but loaded crafts via BDA?
  14. Toonu

    Official FAR Craft Repository

    Thank you, the plane was already "fixed" (it was good, but is superior now ). No full pitch stall issues and other problems. Also, when using canards, you suggest to put it to -100AoA or make lift when turning by being horizontal to flow?