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  1. Works like a charm! It should be written somewhere in the OP, because I haven't knew until now there is this setting ingame.
  2. Hello, I have an issue. In VAB I can see the transparency of wing, but in flight, it has none. I have forced dx11. Any possible sollutions or help please? Using 1.8.1 and
  3. Hello, I encountered issue with vessel mover in 1.8. When vessel is spawned, its root part is inverted, visually it is the same, but on navball, prograde is retrograde and thus all controls are inverted. Video showing the retrograde being prograde and spawning plane upside down and completely inverted basically. You can see in the video it I pressed up (S) and it pitched down, with W it pitched down, etc... Log
  4. Hello guys, I have a problem using cargo bays of this mod with BDA. When I put missiles inside and set them to In cargo bay: True, BDA still doesn't open the bay and thus cannot fire any of the missiles inside, any tips?
  5. Thanks a lot! I haven't removed KF from my modpack but only from the plane and it fixed the issue! On the other side of the thing, do you know any good modular/procedural replacement like the AGL was? I am now really lost without proper resizing aligning wheels haha ! Do you think submiting bug report to current developer will fix it in reasonable amount of time or is it more bug of KF....probably KF due to no other mod causing that, so yeah, will submit bug report probably. Thanks again! Finaly smooth flying!
  6. Hello guys, I am using FAR and it lags the game in flight every 2 or 3 seconds no matter what while flying in plane. Console shows no errors, anyone encountred similar issue or so? Any help would be appreciated. You can see the 2-second periods between the lags here.
  7. Anyone know if/when the new starlink would be visible in Central Europe or has page showing the trajectories etc?
  8. So which fork/release works in 1.7.3 @linuxgurugamer?
  9. Such long time and no messages and now this? @Mukita12
  10. The issue can probably be also mitigated by all the expandable sections sealed by and internal airlock door of some sort inside the rigid core of ship to make repairs if needed and not endanger the whole ship when punctured? But then there is the issue of so much air being lost in case of big particle in the inflatable section you cannot replace properly until supply mission to the ship or near some planet...
  11. Mods can always fix the life support issues like our amazing 4+ LS mods do now.
  12. Unauthorized request denied @Mukita12. Calling in the secret service @PizzaPie
  13. Will there be any tutorial for setting up surface/naval AI and what each thing means? would be quite helpful.
  14. So we can't have two weapon groups firing on two targets simultaneously?
  15. Ah yes, it's true. It's bugged in the VAB but isn't in the menu somehow. Thanks for that little tutorial!