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  1. The issue can probably be also mitigated by all the expandable sections sealed by and internal airlock door of some sort inside the rigid core of ship to make repairs if needed and not endanger the whole ship when punctured? But then there is the issue of so much air being lost in case of big particle in the inflatable section you cannot replace properly until supply mission to the ship or near some planet...
  2. Mods can always fix the life support issues like our amazing 4+ LS mods do now.
  3. Unauthorized request denied @Mukita12. Calling in the secret service @PizzaPie
  4. Will there be any tutorial for setting up surface/naval AI and what each thing means? would be quite helpful.
  5. So we can't have two weapon groups firing on two targets simultaneously?
  6. Ah yes, it's true. It's bugged in the VAB but isn't in the menu somehow. Thanks for that little tutorial!
  7. Yes, the GUI is somehow glitchy for me on 1.6.2
  8. Can someone recompile please? @sarbian
  9. Is somewhere tutorial for surface AI settings and air AI settings? Wiki is outdated... my ship is constantly sailing left and right losing all speed on defaut settings, I need it to go straight and not loose all speed by constantly turning. I even set drift to 1 but didn't helped. PS: Also, the simultaneous firing of two weapon greoups/weapons work how exactly?
  10. Hey guys, the new weapon grouping option is nice, but how to set up the AI so it won't fire each weapon independently, but only fire the groups? I merged 2 different 12.7mm into group and it iterates over each of the independently and also the MG group. Can I somehow disable the two weapons and allow only the MG group?
  11. Why can't the central core launch itself from the barge to the cape? It is not flying over land and can work. Except the losses by restarting engines, chance of crash or failure and sooo much.
  12. I haven't been at SpaceX news feed for some time and just saw that Falcon 9 with BFR there, is it current plan to test the BFR or is it just fake?
  13. I won't dig into your calculations of launch cost, because I also think, only launch cost should be included (not vehicle costs, maintenance and other stuff mentioned before) , not cost of whole program divided by launches. The problem is, do you really think it would get better with new administrative of so called Space force? You know how hard is to push trough new (expensive) programs too and how much it get ovet their budgets at the military. (Looking at you F-35 and other programs...)
  14. Hello, after contact to the BDA, I think it can be, because Physics range extender don't register KK statics as ground and thus crafts load underground in the scenario. Do you think it can be the issue or how to fix it?