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    and saving every bit of delta V
  1. Great mod. Does this remove the MK1 Liquid Fuel tank?
  2. Very nice mod, still working as of 1.12.3 Does anyone know of any mods that use the plugin and have their own custom configs?
  3. Alright thanks. After I'm done I'll make a PR on github or should I just send them to you
  4. Greetings I'm trying to add in a few more launches, I have the audio clips and cutting them up won't be too difficult for me. But please what does Textspur.txt do, and do I need it? By the way I LOVE this mod, been using it since like 1.4. And kudos to you LGG you are a pillar of the community.
  5. Thank you so much for this it’s just what I needed. A small question please, how exactly does the maneuver planner in the M.E.M. work
  6. Nereid's Final Frontier mod does something quite similar to this. You should check it out. Here's the link: Otherwise this mod sounds great and I'd really like to see it finished, especially now that Making History is out.
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