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  1. Hi I downloaded this mod recently, and I freaking love it. However, I noticed the Falcon legs are a little glitchy. Is there something I'm doing wrong or are they just that way normally. Thanks!
  2. I'm still cautiously optimistic about the game. The fact that about a week before this drama, the massive PCgamer article came out with promising features and the fact that the game is being developed by mostly the same people suggests to me that we'll still have a great game. What Take2 did was disgusting and unfair, we've had updates since the December switchover that have been incredibly promising. I may be playing devil's advocate here, but I think Private Division has to be aware of their audience. 80% of the people who came here suggested they'd boycott if it was bad. I doubt take2 will take that risk. And if they do, I won't buy it, but this decision happened months ago. I think we'll be mostly ok, fingers crossed.
  3. In my opinion, one of the biggest shortcomings of KSP one was that there were no IVA activities, and the science was just pressing a button and running a series of trite experiments repeatedly, that didn't make sense, and had very little basis in reality. What would be interesting would be a series of hundreds of randomly generated science experiments that could be assigned on missions and use supplies to do things that are more realistic, like experiments on animals or with plants, or physical tests of components in appropriate situations, not like the "tEsT lAnDiNg gEaR oN aN eScApE tRaJeCtOrY oF mInMuS", which makes no sense given the context. Considering the fact that the devs have an opportunity to not only overhaul game mechanics, but the actual core loop of play, more interesting science could alleviate the boredom caused by landing on a planet and not having anything to do there. The game could have another layer of depth that goes beyond just landing and managing fuel, but could be partially automated by well-designed UI and planners, that would also pair well with Kerbalism-style life-support or a KAC tool. This could compliment a realistic IVA system, so that one could actually use the ship interiors. This was just an idea I thought of a couple of hours ago, I'm curious to know your thoughts.
  4. This is similar to the science system in the mod kerbalism The ways samples work, and the way that the data can be transmitted
  5. But speaking of the new decade, is there a thread of the decade?
  6. When you are docking a large space station:
  7. I built a functional Falcon 9 replica. I launched from the desert launch site, made orbital corrections, and landed it at the ksc. It did work, and the rover it launched made it to orbit. Not too many screenshots.
  8. When life gives you lemons, sell some of your grandma's jewelry and go clubbing. -Jean-Ralphio Saperstein (Parks and Rec)
  9. The fact that I have over 300 hours, and there is still so much left undone! I wish I could play this game more!
  10. MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF STARS!!!!!!!
  11. @Matt Lowne has entered the chat....
  12. New Tooth Paste is Released: Dentists: