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  1. Lithobrake

    The Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    Wow! Glad to see how many people responded to my thread! I currently play 5e D&D. MY favorite classes are Paladin, Ranger and Rogue.
  2. Lithobrake

    The Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    I was wondering if anyone else on the forums played D&D, and If anyone wanted to discuss it here/post stories.
  3. Does your job mean that Characters can no longer complain about landing gear?
  4. What's your profile picture of?

    1. Lithobrake


      It is a Map of the north and the sword coast in Faerun, in the forgotten realms, from Dungeons and Dragons

    2. HansonKerman


      Um... okay...?

  5. Lithobrake

    HSP: Mission complete.

    Great job, @Hotaru!
  6. Lithobrake

    The (Mis)Adventures of FASTNAO: Chapter Six :Slopes

    I would love to join your PM, @The Minmus Derp!
  7. Lithobrake

    HSP: Mission complete.

    Noooooo!!!! Does this mean HSP will be over soon!? I want Moar!
  8. Lithobrake

    HSP: Mission complete.

    Moar NAO
  9. Lithobrake

    HSP: Mission complete.

    Yaaay! more hsp!