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  1. NEED CHAPTER 100!!! also, yay 250 pgs
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  3. I hope this comes back soon. This, Kerbfleet, and the Altering Kerbol Traveling Circus.
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    @Matt Lowne, Do you have any tips for building MK. 3 SSTOs? I am trying to develop an LKO crew shuttle.
  5. So it should still be inside the original folder?
  6. I took the folder "Gamedata" removed the subfolder "Better Time warp" and put the subfolder into the main game data folder, alongside the folders "Squad" and "Squad expansion" Screen shot: Did I do something wrong? I can't find the drop down arrow
  7. Chapter 8: New Frontiers… The Huggin was a mighty ship. Built over several Munths, It represented the cutting edge of space technology. It held 2 landers, seversal sattelites, and a rover. It was going to Duna. Tamara would be the commder of the Huggin itself, which was the vessel that held the crew on their way. There would be a Dunabase and an Ikebase… And in afew hours they would be burning to duna.. After maximizing the oberth effect, and burning out, the Dunabase and Ikebase were on their way, commanded by Jeb and Val respectively. The huggin had done two burns, and was doing its third and final. The rest of the crew was in the hab, laughing and joking, but not Tamara. 90 kilometers. That’s how close they would be to home for the next few years. It was already established that the huggin didn’t have enough fuel to get home. At Duna they would have to refuel. If Any of the landers failed, noone could get home. Maybe there was some far off way, but if anyone got stranded on Duna, they wouldn’t come back for years. And noone really knew what space did to a Kerb’s brain. Tamara pondered all of this and more, as she slipped farther and farther away from Kerbin. Once they were on an escape trajectory into Interplanetary space, they were commited. No coming back for a long time. And in the deep dark cold of space, the kerbs were all alone. They were alone, and though a few uncrewed, supplementary ships were sent out, they were the only ones to leave… As the green marble was growing smaller Walt and Gene held a press conference. They established some goals in the 350 day interim before the first ships reached Duna: Establish a new Minmus base Recruit several new astronauts Capture a Class E asteroid and put it in orbit then build a base around it. Establish a working tourist line Develop several SSTOs: 1. A workhorse thar flew well and could deliver a small crew to orbit. A large, high capacity orbital liner A high Delta V SSTO capable of visiting mun and Minmus An SSTO good enough to go to duna at a future date Meanwhile in high orbit, A single thought was racing through Tamara’s head. All alone, All alone: In the cold night of space, she sat alone, the other members in a different part of the Huggin. As they reached past the orbit of Minmus, she felt a strange sensation, as if she was being watched. She looked around, in terror. The shadows seemed to move. She felt as though she wasn’t alone. But there was nothing there. Her breath, in pants, slowed. Later, she fell asleep, though she didn’t recall doing so. She forgot the feeling and grew happier. She didn’t remeber, and the only trace that something had happened. Was a little growing doubt in the back of her mind. They left the SOI, and the crew seemed to ignore that they were Alone. And Millions of kilometers from help. The Huggin traveled on, undisturbed for a time.
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  9. All your base are belong to us
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