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  1. Love the look! Does this work with USI-Life Support? Also is there a mod out there that is similar to this one but more focused on American rockets? That still looks stock like in a way.
  2. Having an error with KCT don't know why. Link to log file and screenshot https://drive.google.com/open?id=1A6gqnVY1zOzq-KoZTaLx26b9sS4q6Peo

    Help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. magico13


      Hey that log isn't one I'm familiar with. Looks like you're on mac, so you'll want to find the log specified here:

      • Mac OS X:¬†Open Console, on the left side of the window there is a menu that says 'files'. Scroll down the list and find the Unity drop down, under Unity there will be Player.log ( Files>~/Library/Logs>Unity>Player.log )

      If I had to guess based on the screenshot though, it looks like you're either running an older build or have an extra MagiCore dll lying around. Grab the latest build from here (http://magico13.net:8080/job/Kerbal Construction Time Beta/) and make sure there isn't a GameData/MagiCore.dll (but that there is a GameData/MagiCore/MagiCore.dll). The install location changed for that dll and it's broken a few installs.

  3. Trying to fix my game. KCT isn't working right
  4. I installed this mod into my game. I am having a problem with the mod. When I load a save the KCT window will pop up I can open the 1 tab or 2 tab. But not both. Also when I build a vessel in the VAB it will show me the build time. But I cant add it to the build list and launch. The build list tab/menu won't show up. I don't know what im doing wrong. Help would be great.