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  1. I can help to you faster if you send me the KSP.log file. ("" ; eg. path: c:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP.log)
  2. I extended the WireSnareLock plugin with KSPAction functions. The following functions can also be controlled from an Action Group: "Turn on DockingPort/Turn off DockingPort" and "Activate WSLock/Deactivate WSLock". The WireSnareLock.dll file updated on GitHub.
  3. I checked my own ksp version, this is 1.7.3. It works for me. I created an email "" for this you can send the log file (eg path: c:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP.log). I'll try to find out from this what's wrong. I'm working on "bugdetector".
  4. I'm going to look at what is the problem with version 1.7.3 and change the plugin's bug fixes to cause less "headaches".
  5. Thank you so much for this great tutorial video! Helpful for those who are just getting started with the IKRC plugin.
  6. This is an interesting approach. It's worth thinking about. The "hudTextureFile" parameter defines the "green" crosshairs picture, in TRF_CA2_LEE_wCam\part.cfg, TRF_OTCM1.cfg, TRF_OTCM2.cfg files. MODULE { name = Ca2LeeCam fieldOfView = 30 changeableFieldOfView = false wideFieldOfView = 60 narrowFieldOfView = 30 camTransformString = CamExt cameraID = OTCM1 Camera hudTextureFile = otcmhud_real.png }
  7. I need to re-model Canadarm1 because some of the motor's fixed part haven't got mesh object. Therefore, if the activate timewarp, the motor will rotate in the opposite direction. Do you need any supplement for Canadarm1? I have a secret plan, but don't tell anyone. I want to make the IKRC-NEXT version which compatible with InfernalRobotics-NEXT.
  8. I've uploaded the changes for SPDM Dextre module. This includes: - Dextre's parts, micro-fixture-, MBSU- and MBSU' ColdPlateparts. Dextre's Body Roll Joint isn't yet rotatable from the IKRC, but rotatable from the IR. - I have modified the IKRC plugin to fine-tune each robot arm. Some new switches can be found on the extended window: MoveTarget (If it is active, you can move the target (red ball) with the buttons without moving the arm.), NormServRot (Normalized servo rotation, motors rotate evenly compared to each other when approaching the target. The one that has a greater angle has to rotate faster and the smaller one is slower.), STL active (Straight Line Trajectory active, It is a test switch for stable and straight line movement.), Dyn.SAngle (Dynamic SamplingAngle, If we turn it off, we can manually set SamplingAngle.) - The CA2LeeCam plugin has also changed: You can set some parameters in the part.cfg file, ex. Set camera window title - cameraID = OTCM2 Camera, Set camera overlay file - hudTextureFile = otcmhud_real.png, Set camera FOV - fieldOfView = 30, Set changeable FOV - changeableFieldOfView = false, wideFieldOfView = 60, narrowFieldOfView = 30, Set name of Camera Transform in used camera part model - camTransformString = CamExt.
  9. I don't have the DLC, but what I read about it is that the servo motors and a sequencer have been included. I don't know much about it, but in its function it can be similar to the InfernalRobotics plugin. I not found references in the 1.7.0 KSP API. If will have api's access to robotics, I will do connection for it. Dextre's arm can grapple anything that has "micro-fixture". It can be attached to anything. "Micro-fixture" is a dividual part. I plan to do different gripping tools for the OTCM head. (H‐Fixture, Micro‐Conical Fitting, Modified Truncated Cone Target, Micro‐Conical Tool, etc.) I would like create the ISS's battery modules. Planned IKRC Additions: Reloadable Arm Positions, Motion Path Planner. I'll soon upload the newest IKRC plugin, which will include Dextre. I'm making a video with the complete Dextre unit. What were you thinking? Want you some feature or part?
  10. Dextre Arm's 1st complete test. The Dextre's arm removes MBSU from ColdPlate and puts back it.
  11. MBSU with ColdPlate. OTCM gripper will be able to grasp and move it.
  12. 1st test with Dextre SPDM. According to the results, the IK algorithm still needs to be refined. The parts of Dextre have no texture yet. I still have work to do.
  13. "Dump ServoStructure" appears in the menu? If so, try to press. If the "Turn on IKRC" doesn't appear after this, then there is an initialization error. Maybe you put everything in the GameData library that is on GitHub, that's the reason. Please, send me ksp.log from Kerbal main directory. I'll see what the problem is.