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  1. To match the yellow and red spheres, you tried to set the "DistZ: 0.6" parameter on the interface. This determines how far the actual target should be from the PDGF in the Z direction. Maybe that's not the problem. It's an idea. I might must to write a description of the control panel features. I will also add this to the to-do list. I wrote similar on the forum before, but since then the interface has changed a lot. The faulty camera image is a fault of the Ca2LeeCam mod. The implementation of KSP camera layers has changed and I have not yet come to the right solution. As you wrote above, I think that parts belonging to the same vehicle can’t collide, they don’t have a physical effect on each other.
  2. Hi @KallangoVerde, I looked into your log file and it looks like the basic initializations were done fine for IKRC. I think that normal game mechanic. I’m not entirely sure, but I think that parts belonging to the same vehicle can’t collide, they don’t have a physical effect on each other. It could be such a "Unity" thing. Due to nearby "colliders", the vehicle may explode if the connections are twisting. I will also test the IKRC module under KSP version 1.11.0.
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm sorry, but I haven't dealt with IKRC mod in a long time. If my time allows, I will try to correct any errors. Trufiadok
  4. IKRC plugin Modified InfernalRobotics plugin - This is used by the IKRC to rotate the motors. EndEffector camera Canadarm2 robot arm You can copy directories simply, but you can also group them into subdirectories.
  5. Now it came to my mind: you had already tried dumping the robot arm after startup (step into 'flight mode')?
  6. Hi, Sometimes everything is okay, but the control window still doesn't appear. This may also be because the starting position of the window (larger than the screen size) is set incorrectly in config.xml. I updated all the config.xml on GitHub so that the starting position is 10, 10.
  7. What do you mean by 'standard canadarm': Canadarm(1)[using on SpaceShuttle] or Canadarm2 [useing on ISS]? The parts required for Canadarm2 can be found in the ..\TrufiadokAirSpaceCo\Canadarm2 subdirectory. Are you looking for the 'turn on IKRC' button on the right part? (the IKRC pugin connected to TRFCA2LEE) (not to TRFCA2LEEwCam) If these aren't the causes of the problem, send a ksp.log. ([email protected])
  8. Does InfernalRobotics not work under 1.9? I'm sorry I haven't used IR in a long time. Maybe look at how Infernal Robotics Next stands now? (As far as I can see, they haven't worked with it in 11 months.)
  9. Hi @msp307, 1. Remove old version of IKRC. 2. Download 1.9.1 version from GitHub Trufiadok/IKRC-for-Kerbal-1.9.1 link 3. Copy 'TrufiadokAirSpaceCo' directory to GameData directory of Kerbal (e.g.: c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\) 4. Use it, if doesn't work then send me a ksp.log. I"ll trying solve your problem. I removed the binaries from source directory because this causes the problem if the source directory is also copied.
  10. Yes, copy 'plugins' and parts directory to GameData. This version is able to run in parallel with the InfernalRobotics module. The IKRC module uses ..\Plugins\IRMin.dll (IRMinimal module) as the servo API.
  11. I'm sorry, I'm watching now and the robot arm itself is doing the same for me. Repair in progress.
  12. @sciencepanda Hi, I'm done with the first version. It is a bit difficult to identify the independent servo motor, but it works. (I'm still thinking of a simpler solution. Ideas welcome ...) 1. Refresh IKRC module and element of Canadarm2 from GitHub. 2. Get 'persistentId' of IndepServos from *.craft file of vessel. (e.g.: The * .craft file of the vessel in the picture: c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\saves\Sandbox\Ships\VAB\Canadarm2IKRC1_9_1test000.craft -> 1890560618, 1607454241) ... PART { part = TRFCA2AHinge_4294577756 partName = Part persistentId = 1890560618 pos = 0.720157683,11.6895847,-3.60527706 attPos = 0,0,0 attPos0 = 0.206399918,2.16720009,-8.94069672E-08 rot = 8.94069956E-08,0.707107306,-2.98023224E-08,0.707106709 attRot = 0,0.707106769,0,0.707106769 attRot0 = 0,0.707106829,0,0.707106829 ... PART { part = TRF.CA2.BHinge_4294577562 partName = Part persistentId = 1607454241 pos = 0.720161259,11.6895857,-4.01808739 attPos = 0,0,0 attPos0 = 0.206399933,-0.103199005,-9.23872221E-07 rot = 0.707106829,-3.22557241E-07,0.707107186,-4.47034836E-07 attRot = 0.707106709,0,0.707106709,0 attRot0 = 0.707106829,0,0.707106829,0 ... 3. Set indepServos parameters in module configuration. (independentServoList -> partname of servos, independentServoPersistentId -> 'persistentId' from actual craft file, independentServoMinMaxAngles -> logically) MODULE { name = IkRobotController robotArmID = CA2 servoList = TRFCA2ARoll, TRFCA2AYaw, TRFCA2APitch, TRFCA2CElbow, TRFCA2BPitch, TRFCA2BYaw, TRFCA2BRoll, TRFCA2LEEwCam servoRealAxis = (0 1 0), (1 0 0), (0 0 1), (0 0 -1), (0 0 -1), (1 0 0), (0 1 0), (0 0 0) minMaxAngles = (-270 270), (-270 270), (-270 270), (-270 270), (-270 270), (-270 270), (-270 270), (0 0) // ColorCode format #RRGGBBAA in hex controlButtonUpDownColor = #FF00004C controlButtonLeftRightColor = #00FF004C controlButtonForwardBackwardColor = #0000FF4C debugTransforms = True workingRange = 9.0 MaxPosErr = 10.0 MaxOriErr = 180.0 DistanceThreshold = 0.01 AngleThreshold = 0.5 dynamicSamplingAngle = True independentServoList = TRFCA2AHinge, TRF.CA2.BHinge independentServoPersistentId = 1890560618, 1607454241 independentMinMaxAngles = (0 180), (0 180) }
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