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  1. The engineers at RSI sure know how to use their shaders
  2. Hi thank you again for your mod, ferram. I was wondering if your mod would mitigate (or even fix) the two main bugs of 1.0.2 with planes : - The memory leak that causes an out of memory crash after ~20 mins of flight - The parts that get constant heat amage even at subsonic speeds (my winglets and landing gears dont last longer than 30 or 40 minutes)
  3. Hi all. I had a crash to desktop upon recovering my vessel. I think this is an "out of memory" crash (I'm not a KSP.log expert though). The thing is that I have 16GB of RAM sooooooooo its definitely a bug :/ I had done many different mission items (like 6 items of 3 different contracts) during that flight so it might be mission related. KSP.log
  4. Well, I have Windows 8.1. Version was 1.0.1 so it might be resolved already? Replication steps : Start a brand new career game, and visit all the buildings without closing any help windows. Space center reliably breaks then.
  5. Hi all! Another bug : When looked at directly from above, paint marking decals disappear in the VAB and SPH (and maybe on the lauch pads but I couldnt check) Pics for proof :
  6. When you set AA to 8x (the max), the tooltips are very hard to read. See the screenshoot : The words "Place" and "rotate" are very hard to read As you can see in the beginning of the word "Rotate", this is less of a problem is the backgroung is dark enough.
  7. If you start from scratch and dont close the help popups, as I did, the kerbals do like the paintings in Harry Potter : they go see each other ! Lol Here is a pic from the Space center (first time entering)
  8. A an engineer, I must say : THIS. EXACTLY.
  9. it ould be cool to have it in the launcher, because the launcher has no real use ATM. I dont even use it, i run the game directly.
  10. This. Part count is almost 3000 : It never made it to LKO though, the orange tanks always snap. I have no idea how to make the structure hold the flex, the orange tanks always snap at some point.
  11. Spaceport should be integrated in-game, and provide for in-game mod installation and/or toggling. This would make the moddig experience less tedious and less frightning to unskilled users
  12. my 148 mainsail monster was a huge exxaggeration, but it can lift a dozen orange tanks to lko. i can provide the craft file, but beware its 1700 parts lol
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