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  1. I'm thinking (or hoping?) this is the case. I don't want to know what planets there are in the systems beyond Kerbol. I'd rather discover them myself.
  2. This is good to hear. I literally jumped out of my chair and did a little dance when I first reached orbit all those years ago. I knew that space wasn't really up, but sideways fast. Didn't mean I knew how to do it. Where that line between explaining a basic principle like orbits, Hohmann Transfers, etc. and detailing specific steps lies is going to be difficult and (annoyingly) subjective. I know it might take more time, but how about a tiered tutorial system of some kind? Players could opt to see more details (Want to Know More!?) during the lesson either by a difficulty set
  3. Because Minmus is too easy personally. Landing on it is simply not challenging enough. A probe landing on Mun without hold-retro and without the science to unlock the second relay is properly tense. I honestly can't remember. Also... I suck at spaceplaces! The cost/aggro makes them frankly a bore personally when it comes to careers.
  4. Rule 1: Probe before Kerbals. Though obviously not for the first few missions until I unlock cores. This covers first flyby, orbit and landing. Obviously this makes going to certain bodies a multi-window operation. Rule 2: Follow the main missions. Eg. No Mun orbit until flyby mission is complete. No going to Minmus until Mun is finished. Rule 3: No science from Minmus unless mission requires. You can easily complete the tree in the Kerbin system, which is boring if only because I like the idea of progression by going places *cough*KSP2*cough*. Rule 4: Bring Them Home:
  5. Very useful, I'm sure. But does it play guitar?
  6. Remember that PD is just the publisher and KSP2 is one of several of titles. So there's a chance we won't get anything. That said, aside from an Outer Worlds and/or Ancestors DLC I can't see much other reason for them to be there aside from KSP2 news so I am allowing myself to get a little excited.
  7. *Cough*StarCitizen*cough* To add to the point made about the change in the nature of software development cycles; Game development is increasingly becoming more and more expensive. You now have teams of dozens or hundreds of people who are expecting professional pay-grades, marketing can run up to 40%+ of your budget, graphics are becoming more detailed and time consuming, etc. All the while AAA games have been stuck at $60 for around ten years and no one wants to be the first to step over the line. Cyberpunk 2077 will probably be $60. Should it cost more like $100? Probably, but the
  8. True, but the ore map at least could be auto-generated for each body.
  9. So long as this puzzle is auto-generated/randomised with each new game, otherwise you just need one person to find the right places and post them, killing the challenge. The alternative is restricting mission/tech progression buy requiring certain tasks to be done, which would create a narrow corridor of hoops to jump through rather than the open world(s) aspect that KSP1 is so loved for.
  10. The game isn't finished, so final launch date (pun intended) isn't certain. Swamping media outlets constantly for what?... 6-12 months?... Will actually dampen hype rather than build it. The thing about hype is the lack of information. People can't speculate if they know more and more with each passing week and speculation is founded on the imagination brought about from trying to fill in the blanks. My personal hunch is that updates will be thin at first and then grow more frequent, but detail will actually diminish the closer we get to release. That way the amount of info coming o
  11. Maybe NASA has asked them to delay? https://xkcd.com/2204/
  12. What everyone else has said. Your CoP might be behind the CoM but only on a pure prograde vector. Stick some AV-R8s on the main stage as low as you can put them. If it's still flipping then we'll need more data like the altitude, speed and orientation of when it does so. Also.... LAUNCH CLAMPS!
  13. $60, this is not an 'Indie' title this time. Will be DLCs. Robotics? No idea, probably not at the start though.
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