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  1. All for physical weather effects so long as it's an option at game creation.
  2. I too had this issue. I think the original poster assumed the number to be seconds, but it's not. I had to wait until about 120-150 days, rather than the expected ~60. But it does work.
  3. Found a possible fix over here Go to post #19. To quote: In "\saves\default\persistent.sfs" (your main save) and in "\GameData\SquadExpansion\Serenity\Resources\DeployedScience.cfg", change the line "ScienceTimeDelay = 60" to "ScienceTimeDelay = 6000000". This makes it generate science about once every 50 ingame days, which would be about 8.8 science each time, (as measured with Minmus).
  4. As suggested in the Main 1.6 Update Discussion thread, one thing that is missing from both KER and the new dV tool is independent localisation for each stage (though KER does seem to assume vacuum for stage 2 onwards?). For example, here we have a simple craft with two stages: At Kerbin sea level we get 1629m/s for the first stage and 572m/s for the second. Switching to Vacuum gives us: 2085m/s for stage 1 and the a more expected 2320m/s for stage 2. Switching between the two to calculate total dV is awkward, especially when the total given at the bottom of the staging list changes too. This would only get worse with multiple stages in different locales, such as a mission to Duna, Eve or Lathe. Selecting the intended conditions for each stage separately would be a great feature. An icon of some kind could be added next to the stage to indicate if it's different to the others. In fact, a circle coloured like the planets are in the Tracking Station (plus black for vacuum) might be an idea.
  5. I know, but I kinda gave the impression I thought it did. Just a suggestion though. <Stares at Squad.>
  6. I think I like the changes to the Wolfhound, but time will tell. 380 down from 412 is a hefty nerf, but it's still 30 more than any other LF engine. The increased mass (pretty sure it wasn't 3.3t before...) might make it better for larger craft and give a reason to use the Poodle on stuff like landers. Edit: One thing I've noticed though, unless I've missed something, it seems you can only set one location for the dV tool, so to calculate the total range, you have to switch between atmo and vacuum settings while building. If you could choose individual settings for each stage it would make building a craft for a specific mission much easier. Eg. Stage 1: Kerbin ASL for initial ascent. Stage 2: Vacuum for circularisation and Duna injection. Stage 3: Duna upper atmo/surface.
  7. Loving both the similarities and the variations people put on our esteemed Main Four. Keep them coming! To expand on things; Like Sirius, what about your 'acquired' (or hired) white suits? With so much history behind our esteemed orange-suit Kerbals, there is a lot of freedom with the new additions to our career saves.
  8. I always imagine Jeb and Val are either going to end up in a very public and very embarrassing fight, or a very public and very embarrassing relationship. Bob wants to build a giant train set on Mun (he likes trains). Bill drank scrumpy before fixing tractors, now he drinks scrumpy after fixing rockets. What (if any!) personality do you impart on your Kerbals?
  9. Decided to try a Klaw mission for the first time in my 500+ hours of KSP. I'm not sure what to expect for my first one, maybe a Flea? A capsule? No. What? I.... What? Eventually manage to grab it, but with limited fuel and no RCS (totally forgot to bring) it's off-balance and it takes about 5 mins at max 5% thrust to get it away from Mun to a 60km Kerbin periapsis. Then begins what is probably dozens of aerobrakes, bleeding off 5-10% of it's apoapsis each time. The last few I even burn what little fuel that's left to keep the periapsis above 50km. Eventually it's time for the final decent. By the skin of my teeth I wrestle it through re-entry, now there was a new issue: how to land it. I check the impact tolerance for the Kickback: 7m/s. I cheat and reload the landing several times, opening the solar panels and ditching the heat shield. I can get it down to 7.0 or 7.1m/s but it keeps blowing up. Eventually I try swinging it back and forth on the reaction wheels, but it needs perfect timing for it to hit the ground at 6.9m/s. But after a few goes.... I don't know if I will be doing any more of these in the future, at least not until I have the 10m shield unlocked.
  10. For those who are unaware, when creating a new sandbox/career game, to access the other launch sites select the 'Allow other launch sites' option in the basic difficulty menu.
  11. Usually play with the following: Perma-death No reverting flights Comnet required No extra groundstations (other than the Making HIstory ones) Plasma black-out 70% Science/Funds 0.95/0.9 occlusion (though thinking about increasing this soon) Probes before Kerbals No Labs unless mission requires it Always accept rescue missions You can stuff your observation missions Recently decided: Minmus is OP. Ignore unless mission requires. Otherwise Mun - Duna.
  12. Rescue some bros from orbit, new mission to re-orientate a relay, which I don't want to do. It's an old one though and the comnet needs an upgrade at some point. Have a look in the TS and find the new path isn't much different, probably wants me to be really specific. Fortunately it's in a polar orbit and was an old probe mission I stuck a relay on. Accept mission, switch to probe and...... Target orbit isn't there..... surely not... Mission Accomplished! Whut.
  13. I think it's a matter of self-discipline. If you reload due to an error on your part, then it's cheating. The hard work you put in is cheapened. If a bug/crash/power-cut kills a challenge attempt then I do think it's OK to load a save. Otherwise the honest hard work you put in has been wasted through no fault of your own. I save frequently, but I very rarely load a save these days as I don't make the number of mistakes I used to and also prefer to either learn from them or fix them. That probe loose signal? I don't reload, set up more relays and try again, that thing is wasted funds, time and more space-clutter. Not enough dv in the rescue craft? Launch another, even if I could revert the flight. But my comp isn't great and will sometimes only last 2 hours of running KSP before it or the game needs a reboot. Sometimes I'm lucky and get 6-8 hours, but not always. Add in the fact that the auto save only occurs at given points and you can go for days before suddenly loosing everything you've just done, and I save a lot, even if I don't use it much.
  14. Interested, but kinda need more details. My comp barely runs KSP for 4+ hours, let alone the multiple days you do.