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  1. Update: When I removed sciencealert it fixed it
  2. KSP: 1.4.3 Windows 64 Bit Problem: Game crash Mods Installed: https://gyazo.com/34a3c204ade593327c962fb535a34b84 | Ckan Install: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ez4ivewmg59quqt/Modded KSP List.ckan?dl=0 Reproduction Steps: Build a rocket and launch it (It only happens sometimes when I do this) Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s8z5x98rub73k8e/output_log.txt?dl=0
  3. How would I upload it to github though? Always wondered how to do that
  4. Yes actually, How do I create a mod for ksp and also upload everything on github including a license? Sorry to ask XD
  5. Can I have some tips about modding and the game in general?
  6. Is it possible to change ones username on the KSP forum? If so can you change it to Jonms
  7. Can you update the x science dll to 1.4.1? I do not want lag when I do my experiments, although if you can't that is alright!
  8. 1.4.1 ? Please update! Though its okay if you can't.
  9. Is the smoke screen mod... discontinued or something? The website isn't loading.

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