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  1. Actually found the solution by deleting the cloudshadow config in the cfg file itself. Works fine that way.
  2. Hi! Quick question, i tried to put the shadow material to 0 but it doesn't fade the cloud shadows. Would you have any tips for the value to tweak so i can either remove the cloud shadows, or even better, have some transparency to fade it out? Here is a sceenshot. Im on RSS 1.2.2 using ETO
  3. I just ask but i think the answer is no^^. Is this mod compatible with previous versions like 1.2.2?
  4. Hi! I asked this in the RO thread, but got guided to here. Maybe you guys can help me. I'm running an install with RO/RSS in 1.2.2. I'm currently working on Venus and Mercury missions but i have massive issues with heat. It starts from venus and then increases pretty high, makes me unable to reach mercury because all the probes will overheat and explode before even reaching Mercury's SOI, i have the same issues in space near Venus, can't even get to touch Venus atm or everything will blow out instantly (but what i read on other thread would explain that by high pressure stress on the probe?). My designs use coatl aerospace probes and some heat exchangers (which allow me 80kw of cooling). I did not find any other parts that could do the trick fine, so i feel a bit blocked for thoses planets^^. Would you guys have any tips for success or is it some kind of bug related to extreme values that i should modify? I noticed that i can ultra cool the probe with a 100x timewrap, but when coming back to RT, boom.
  5. OK then THx for the answer, will ask in the good thread
  6. HI! Not sure it's the right topic...but anyway. I'm trying to do Venus and Mercury missions in RO/RSS on a 1.2.2 install but i have massive issues with heat, wether in space between Venus and Mercury, or even is space near Venus (not to mention in space near Mercury, which i can access only with timewrap then directly explode). Would it be some kind of bug or are my parts simply not sufficient for the mission?
  7. HI! Just a quick question, im still on the 1.2.2 set and will probably wait for the 1.4 to be released before updating (because lots of parts mod still are only compatible for 1.2.2). I'm trying to find a working Soyuz TMA and Progress M for RO, i tried bobcat's, DECQ's but i can't find one that works fine ( i believe these are no longer supported). Some parts are missing and some parts do not work as they should. Any ideas on a working mod for these spacecrafts? Too bad they are discontinued though, they look sexy^^
  8. Thanks for the incredibly fast feedback raidernick (btw is the occasion the tell how much your packs are awesome and thank you for them). So maybe it would mean that i possibly just need to change the parts names in the cfg's?
  9. Hi! First i want to say that this mod is just basically amazing, incredible work from lots of people including all the compatible mods and config. I just have a little question, do you have any advice on making the KK launcher's pack work properly with RSS/RO? I mean the cfg files are there but in the vab i can switch fuel or anything and the parts only contains liquid fuel/ox and monoprop. But again, love your work guys, can't just go back to the "normal" kerbal stuff after trying this.
  10. Hi! First, awesome work! I love the modeling and the polishing, and the IVA's are a must impressive! I just have one little comment lol^^, would it be possible to include space habitat variables to the centriguges? It does not count as living space in Kerbalism Continued, making the part quite useless in terms of life support functions. Another thing (well apparently makes 2 comments^^), but i think is mostly due to Kerbalism Continued, is that the life support parts doesn't countain much quantity of food or water, but i assume is related to the consumption variable of Kerbalism that makes your parts not having that much quantities. As an example, the largest container only contains food and oxygen for 30 days with 6 kerbals in the vessel, dunno if is the same concerning the other LS mods But still, thanks soooo much for this amazing mod :)!