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  1. I would love to see this mod published. Please, I beg you!
  2. This is awesome! Will you do the new 1.4.1 Mark 1-3 capsule?
  3. Can you update to 1.4.1? It works fine except what the RCS thrusters make a way to big flame, this really annoys me. I think it's because the new Unity. Also I think the parachutes don't slow me that much down as they should (VS: -80 m/s) Which leads to boom. Please do that!! Thanks!
  4. I also have this question. The Mk2 aswell as the Mk 1-3? You rock!! Your IVAs are AWESOME!!!! The amount of detail is INCREDIBLE!! 11/10 would want IVA mods for 1.4/Making History IVAs!
  5. Wow theres that big discussion about the new EULA. I don't care as I bought KSP for myself 11/10 would buy DLC.
  6. Can you please make a ‘‘Modern Pack'' with Soyuz-TMA and Progress and add new parts to Soviet Rockets with russian instead of soviet flag? Would be awesome. Even better with Mir and/or Russian ISS modules. That would be awesome.