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  1. I hope something like kOS will be possible in KSP. Maybe even native? Also: weather. Wind that prevents launches, but also allows power generation or moving around balloons. Heavy storms that can destroy vessels. Would be extra fun on gas giants. Acid rain that corrodes materials (which implies: parts can fail). Maybe a more elaborate tech tree/science system. Part testing that makes sense (1. research 2. test 3. unlock for regular use)
  2. OMG, a steerable parafoil :-o Can we have that in Tundra Exploration for the fairings, @damonvv? Pleeeeease?
  3. Would you mind posting some screenshots to demonstrate the difference? Also, how big is the performance impact?
  4. Yes I did... I guess I'll do the final part again and then post my mission success here
  5. Nice spaceplane On a totally different note: is there any setting/mod/whatever, that gets rid of this hard boundary of the clouds?
  6. Wait, did you Dock the DreamChaser to the Kermes? I found that impossible to do, as the downwards RCS thruster didn't seem to work. So I just EVA'd... Was I cheating? lol
  7. Does that include mining etc.? Will Rational Resources be supported? My 2 cents about the science discussion: I understand the point that realistically you would want long term measurements for temperature etc. But then again, that would be a series of measurements, not one long measurement. I think the stock approach makes sense for this kind of experiments: reading a sensor value doesn't take any time at all, and gives you a good amount of science, as it gives you a general idea of the circumstances on that planet/biome. Subsequent measurements give you further details on how much variation there is, giving you additional science. So maybe split the experiment in a short and a long term part? As for science labs: I think the Kerbalism approach is correct in the way that a lab can't produce science out of nothing. But in realitiy, the samples on the ISS don't com from the moon, but from Earth. So there should be some samples we could bring to a space station in order to examine their behavior in 0g - which is basically what DMagic Orbital Science does. Is that compatible with Kerbalism? The bigger problem with science in KSP is this: gathering science in a realistic way is only half of the story. Applying it is the other one. In real life, your knowledge on temperatures or seismic activity on Mars doesn't affect your ability to build a bigger rocket, but it will affect your ability to build a base there. I think the general approach of science points is flawed. Instead, tech nodes should depend on specific experiments. E.g. heat shields should depend on completed pressure measurements in different altitudes, advanced heat shields should depend on reentry data. Building bigger rockets, robotics or electronics is merely a question of time, money and testing (i.e. engineering), not of science done on other planets. Instead of the stupid stock testing missions, I would like this approach: Invest money in a new technology Wait for some time to complete development Parts are not unlocked yet - you need to test them in useful and realistic conditions (no, I will not test a "Flea" solid rocket booster on an escape trajectory out of Kerbin) After testing a relevant number of parts, the tech node is unlocked Plus, as mentioned before, certain technology nodes should only be researchable after the completion of a secific set of experiments. Not sure if this can be done within the limits of KSP, but that is how I would design it
  8. IIRC it worked once the Kermes was closer than about 31Mm, which is the range of the Communotron 16 with a level 1 Tracking Station... If that was the problem, it is weird however that I managed to launch it at all EC? Hmm, I thought I paid attention to that, but it could explain some of the problems, like SAS turning on and off spontaneously, the vessel not being controllable until thrust was > 0. Anyway, I managed to reach Kerbin on the 2nd try (1st time the Kermes was waaaaay too fast), and even landed on the runway (well, touchdown was a few meters off the side of the runway ) after one hell of a toasty reentry with some stuff exploding. Who needs a nosecone anyway? Thanks again for this wonderful mission!
  9. I once had the problem that the target orbits were inside Kerbin, but if I remember correctly, that was due to a faulty install.
  10. Next antenna problem just popped up - what does the controllability of the KRES IV depend on? I somehow managed to launch it into orbit, but now I'm unable to control it again. I have an indirect link to the Kermes through the Polar Survey probe, but it doesn't allow me to control the KRES IV
  11. Your function writes to currentThrottle, which isn't declared as GLOBAL. I'm not entirely sure, but I guess you're actually writing to a different (function-local) variable than the one THROTTLE is locked to.
  12. Aaaaah, line of sight... I'm stupid, just had to wait a couple of hours... Thank you
  13. Thanks for this glorious mission Had a lot of fun so far, but now I'm stuck: I brought back the antenna to the hab, but it still says "no usable, in-range Comms device on this vessel". What am I doing wrong?
  14. I guess you mean Global Construction (fromerly known as Ground Construction): I think Extraplanetary Launch Pads still works, but I never used it.
  15. Is it possible to configure suit and stripes/glow color separately?
  16. Apparently, it's Realistic Rational Resources ("realistic" was the name up to version 0.8)
  17. @jpinard If you don't intend to control your dropped stages anyway and are just interested in getting them refunded, you might want to try StageRecovery. It will automatically recover stages if you have enough parachutes (or fuel for propulsive landing). No need for a probe core or for chute deployment, as long as you're outside the physics range before the separated stages hit the ground.
  18. I'm not 100% sure, but don't separated stages need to be controllable in order to show up?
  19. Will adding a dish also add a ground station? I never cared about those until I recently startet playing on a scaled up Kerbin...
  20. My game is crashing quite often lately, so I went through the logfile. It is getting spammed with the same error message, and I found no repy to this post: