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  1. @mateusviccari I have the same issue, this was the response I got here:
  2. Same here. I don't even care about functionality, I just want a pretty base
  3. @Gabu I'm very happy you included the MMSEV again :-) But how do I power it? It looks like it has (deployable?) solar panels, but they don't work. Looking at the config file, the module is commented out. Is there a problem with the panels? Also, it would be nice to have an attachment point inside the cargo bay, so I can put a small container there (KIS SC-62 container fits nicely )
  4. I had huge problems with pressurization lately. I remember that a couple of weeks ago I disabled habitation on a space station module during ascent - I didn't know about the bug back then. Then I docked it to my space station and enabled habitation again. Soon after, I noticed l'm losing nitrogen. Pressure was very low, building up slowly, and eating up all my nitrogen pretty fast. I had to hyper edit more nitrogen into the station many times until pressure was back to nominal, then it was stable. Apparently, this is a long known bug, but I didn't know how far it goes: after docking a capsule to the station, the problem reappeared, even though I didn't touch habitation again. And it kept reappearing, never settling anymore. I had to hyper edit nitrogen every 30 minutes in order to keep my poor Kerbals alive. Fortunately, it was a space station in LKO and not a mission to Duna... But apparently, the station is doomed. Since this is so important, it should definitely be on the first page with a big warning. Wouldn't it even be better to disable pressure control entirely as long as it is broken, except maybe for EVAs?
  5. I want KSP2 to integrate good mods, or at least the ideas behind them. This already happens in KSP1 (suits, better textures), but it is painfully slow. We still have no clouds in stock KSP 1, and to make KSP 1 look nice, I need so many mods the game becomes barely playable due to performance issues.
  6. I think it's OK to be able to surface attach stuff to the service bay, but not the telescope. A thing that always annoyed me in this mod is how pointing the FungEye to the sun is handled - you can do that as long as you want (which is OK, given that you can't control vessel orientation when on rails), but you can't open the service bay while pointed at the sun, which makes no sense at all.
  7. Your install must be broken. Manual install or CKAN? Did it work previously? How does FMRS matter for a working TE?
  8. Is there a way to get the texture (or color) of the ground one is currently standing on? If I remember correctly, KK had something like that built in, but it doesn't work anymore.
  9. Thanks @HebaruSan, deleting Kop-BE and then installing it again fixed it for me. I tried a reinstall before, but that didn't help. So I downloaded JNSQ two or three times today
  10. Wow, thanks, I never knew that. However, it doesn't solve the problem Module "Kopernicus Bleeding Edge Beta - DEV RELEASE" successfully installed The following inconsistencies were found: * Kopernicus-BE UBEE_1101_46 missing dependency ModularFlightIntegrator or later Error during installation! I wonder why it first says it successfully installed Kopernicus
  11. Which "version" tab, and what "relationships" tab? Do you guys have a different CKAN version (I have 1.29.0), is it that different on Linux or am I just blind? I just have 3 tabs - "Manage mods", "Changeset" and "Status log"
  12. If I terminate all other applications, I'm able to run it. I love the volumetric clouds, the dust etc. But I prefer the original JNSQ clouds - Ad Astra's clouds look like spilled milk from LKO. And I don't like the pink/orange sky during daylight - seems a bit over the top. City lights are cool, but during the day the cities seem to be shown on top of the clouds. Where can I change these settings?
  13. There's an option in KK to set the grass color automatically, which used to work OK-ish, but produces just a white surface on KSP 1.10.1 (with JNSQ).
  14. Can someone point me to a formula that limits my steering vector by a maximum AoA angle?
  15. Hmm, maybe Ad Astra was just the last straw... Which KSP version are you on? I just installed Kopernicus Beta and updated to KSP 1.10.1
  16. Well, I do have Crew Light Relit installed... @Poodmund ReStock and ReStock+ are Version 1.2.1. Let me know if you can reproduce the issue with Crew Light installed. If not, I'll provide logs and a sample vessel.
  17. Am I attaching illuminator lights wrong or is it a bug that they turn 180 (?) degrees when switched on? It's all fine in the VAB, my rocket is illuminated nicely from the launch tower. But when I launch, they are turned into the wrong direction, until I hit "Base rotation".
  18. How much RAM do you guys have? I have 32 GB, wanted to try Ad Astra, and with it KSP eats all of my memory, plus 17 GB of swap space. Without Ad Astra, total memory usage of my system is about 80%
  19. Well I just installed it manually for now. Now CKAN still shows Kopernicus BE as not installed, but stable Kopernicus installed... Is that also due to those issues?
  20. CKAN installation somehow doesn't work for me. I added the repository, I see it in the packages list. But checking the box does not unlock the "Apply changes" button.
  21. Now that Elon mentioned that he intends to go back landing the Super Heavy booster back to its launch clamps - would it be possible to have a docking port module on the launch pad?
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