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  1. Now that the new thread's up, I'm gonna submit some new aircraft. The Jaguar JX, the cooler looking, better version of then original The Enterprise, which is just for fun
  2. Did you weigh the Lynx with or without the drop tanks? Also your drone competition sounds great, I’ve been wanting to see how the Lynx does against similar craft
  3. Is this thread still alive? I've still got more planes I wanna throw at the leaderboard
  4. What settings do you guys use for an MLRS? Do you have it lock onto the enemy plane or just dumbfire?
  5. The jaguar should have been more manuverable. I had to impose a AOA limit on the AI so that it wouldn’t spin out. The limit was way more then what it was doing
  6. Thanks to everyone's help, all of my fighters are now updated. Hopefully they're better now
  7. It’s at 100. I managed to get it working for tests by manually spamming open but that’s not gonna work
  8. The cargo bay on the Lion stubbornly refused to open long enough to release the drones. Any ideas?
  9. Well that’s just great. So I’m still stuffed then?
  10. Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present... The lineup, from left to right: The Lynx, the second iteration of the micro fighter. This drone weighs in at just over 3 tons once the drop tanks are gone and is armed with Vulcan cannons and two Sidewinders. Next up is the Jaguar. This manned fighter is supermaneuverable to the point of not being flyable by a human pilot. It is armed with Vulcan cannons and Sidewinders. In the middle is the Cheetah. This aircraft uses its speed and a unique tactic to destroy even the most maneuverable fighters. It has only Sidewinders to take
  11. I screwed up real bad and updated my game. I reverted to the previous version but I cannot open any of my crafts. Is there anything I can do? Also @exbyde is the Jernas missile turret ok for Super fighters?
  12. Could someone please explain to me (in simple terms) what Pitch Ki and Steer Factor do?
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