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  1. I mean this is just my opinion, but if you dont want to waste your time redoing the entire mission, be the kerbal you are, save the game and alt+f12, and aim the wack-a-kerbal so it only destroys the decoupler. of course you dont need to, just my opinion
  2. @damonvv Seriously dude, this is the best mod to get SpaceX space craft and launch vehicles. I congratulate you on your hard work and i thank you deeply. Also i love doing Youtube videos showing the realistic launch and landings for the craft. truly amazing work. Same goes for all of the mods that help me take IRL missions into KSP.
  3. I am not saying that it is ultimately harder to land on Minimus than on the Mun, im saying for someone i assume hasn't tried landing on the Mun should land on the Mun first. okay, ouch. you dont need to be some smartass to figure out that i was tired at 12am and just wanted to help, i even did some typos. And no, I dont think that Distance is a "governing feature of spaceflight" since the more fuel you burn the more speed you get, and your trajectory gets exponentially larger the closer you get to the escape velocity. If he is able to get a capture on Minimus, great, if hes not able to be slow enough to land, then he needs to be at a slow pace so he doesnt collide or bounce off the surface. Edit: Not going to reply again, since apparently people criticize everything when its about trying to help someone that seems pretty new to the game. (BTW if the player is new, they probably wont know that TWR or dV stands for, let alone figuring out what it means)
  4. Who ever told you that landing on Minimus is lying. The Mun is closer and allows for easier landings, even though Minimus has lower gravity (aka more bouncing) If you are hovering above lets say ~100m above minimus' surface, then yea 3m/s is decent, but if you are almost about to hit the ground, ~20-10m above, then be real gentle and be at 1-.5m/s, that way you can guarantee that landing. just use normal landing legs, strap them on to the fuel tank and you should be able to land on Mun or with a softer landing, Minimus (that is if your doing a career run or just wanna go there, other than that the moon is pretty barren anyways.) Edit: btw you can always DM me on steam for any questions
  5. @sumghai I have no idea why but my LES Rocket FX is Constantly on. Can you please tell me what is happening and how can i fix this?? Please help. (Contains GameData Folder and LES FX)
  6. @damonvv Im Loving the Mod so Far! Ive been using it to send up Crew and Cargo all around the Kerbol System!