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  1. I used both of the links you provided, one at a time, and it still didn't work. I also used physics extender. If I am understanding what you are saying, is the modpack simply not updated for KSP 1.3.1? also, maybe the problem is that I am just using the nukes the wrong way. I just attack one to a plane, click either fire missile or jettison, and wait for it to drop.
  2. Also, this was my setup, and the exact way I installed and download Clicked link for BDArmory Downloaded from Curse Opened the .zip file Opened gamedata, and dragged file named BDarmory into the gamedata file with squad in it Clicked link for North Kerbin Weapony Downloaded from curse changed name of file from North+Kerbin+Weaponry+v0.84 to North Kerbin Weaponry, as it was suggesting after the people said the original name didn't work (I tested without a name change also) Opened the .zip folder dragged North Kerbin Weaponry into the gamedata folder with squad and BDarmory It's worth mentioning that I have a lot of these files from several download attempts, and some of the folders have (1) or (2) added to them, but besides that, these are the only mods I have. I also download KSP from steam in mid december of last year, which I believe was version 1.3.1
  3. hey Harpwner, I have downloaded both North Kerbin Weaponry and BD Armory. from the links you provided. The things showed up, but the nukes did not make a big explosion. The only thing that really worked was the little warhead thing that you right click, then click detonate to make it explode. I also tried several other people's advice, but it did not work. Is it my version of KSP? I got it in December of 2017. I was hoping that you could take screen shots of the step by step process, updated to the newest release (if you have updated the mods for 1.3.1)Please message me, your mod seems awesome when it works right.
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