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  1. So I wanted to use one of my premade planes but now when I try to fly them, they just spin out and go wild. Also I do use cheats in my science save cause why not. Though I only use Unbreakable Joints, No crash damage, Inf Electricity and Inf Propellant. I have accidentally click on the physics tab but went back. So I don't think I changed the aerodynamics myself as they worked the last time I play KSP. Was there a change I wasn't aware about? Also running 1.4.1
  2. Doesn't really matter anymore. Sorted all my mods into a different folder then did a full reinstall. Works again.
  3. Yeah I tried installing latest versions, but that didn't work. Might try copying gamedata plugins, saves and ships into a file, then uninstalling it.
  4. Just after installing a couple mods, I get this issue from the crash log for this "mono.dll caused a access violation" I tried everything. I don't want to rip apart the mods cause I don't want to mess any of my ships up. If someone could point out what mod or anything is breaking the game, please tell me! Thanks. Crash Log here
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