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  1. Will the latest version work for 1.4.5? I don't want to switch to 1.5 yet, but I really need those payload mounts
  2. Well, after I applied that greyscale, the entire engine bell changed to black, so I just edited the thrust and other configs of the R-0120 to match the R-0122, thanks for the help though!
  3. Is there a way to retexture the R-0122 engine, so the red stripe on the bell is grey? I want it to fit in with the aesthetic of my Energia and make it more powerful, because the R-0120 isn't powerful enough for me
  4. Is there a way to remove the Tundra logos from the aft cargo pods?
  5. How do you mount payloads in the bay? I'm talking about large, 2.5m station parts, because using regular decouplers is boring. Wasn't there a payload mount part in the works?
  6. That's why you put the telescoping docking port on the BFR, not the Dragon 2
  7. space_powder

    KSP Weekly: The Moon Race

    Will there be a way to remove parachutes from an EVA suit? I don't like how they cover the backpack to be honest
  8. Can confirm, three engine burn doesn't have any sound nor plume but gives me bööst
  9. Also noticed that there are only 2 engine modes now, All and CenterOnly
  10. Can we jettison the docking port shroud on the new Dragon 2 for chute clearance?
  11. space_powder

    Better Duna (1.4.x , Depends on Kopernicus)

    comic sans