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  1. space_powder

    A KSP Loading... Preview: Helmet Removal

    Finally, some fellas that agree that the kerbal parachute is horrendous when its slapped on the EVA backpack like that.
  2. Do you mean the latest release, That's the one I use rn in KSP 1.5.1 and the dropdown menu damonvv showed isn't there at all, unless you mean there will be another version released soonTM
  3. Sorry for the extremely late reply, but which dropdown menu do you mean? Statics Editor, Instance Editor, Launchsite Editor or the menu in the VAB/SPH? I can't seem to find the 'green light thing' you're talking about EDIT: If it's the Inflight Base Boss, then the only operational facility is my LZ-1, the launchpad isn't listed
  4. Does anyone know how much the Ghidorah 9 can lift into LKO in 2.5x rescale?
  5. space_powder

    A KSP Loading... Preview: Helmet Removal

    How about letting us remove the parachutes attached to the EVA pack?
  6. space_powder

    [1.5.x] Stockalike Station Parts Redux (Nov 22)

    Are there any more parts planned?
  7. So, I placed down LC-40, enabled collisions, set it as a launchsite, but whenever I choose it in the VAB, it just slaps my rocket on the standard launchpad? Gonna send a pic when I open KSP EDIT: Here's the pic, also forgot to mention this is the latest version of KSP (1.5.1 I think it was?)
  8. Seems like this doesn't work on 1.5.1 with the latest version of Kopernicus, or maybe I just installed it wrong, but I'm pretty sure everything is in it's place
  9. Is that a custom plume for the BDB Saturn V? I have RealPlume, and my plume isn't nearly as massive tbh
  10. Will SSTU ever get some procedural reaction wheels? Either my rockets are absolute crap, or they need more torque to stop flipping around while performing a gravity turn.
  11. Will the latest version work for 1.4.5? I don't want to switch to 1.5 yet, but I really need those payload mounts
  12. Well, after I applied that greyscale, the entire engine bell changed to black, so I just edited the thrust and other configs of the R-0120 to match the R-0122, thanks for the help though!
  13. Is there a way to retexture the R-0122 engine, so the red stripe on the bell is grey? I want it to fit in with the aesthetic of my Energia and make it more powerful, because the R-0120 isn't powerful enough for me