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  1. Probably just a model/texture revamp of the Gigan we have
  2. Oh man, can we get a nice lil' sneak peek of the updated Dragon V2? The roadmap says you have finished modeling and texturing the command pod, and I can't wait till October without some pics of it!
  3. Perhaps a barge could be added, with an engine and probe core, something like in the SpaceX Launchers Pack, albeit with your stockalike style?
  4. As you can see, the plumes are barely visible at all, and they don't expand that much (except in space) Do I rename the RealPlume configs from Tantares/Patches (and TantaresLV), and then plop 'em into RealPlume-Stock? I really don't wanna remove RealPlume, because it makes launches so much cooler, and I can't live without those beautiful, realistic plumes
  5. For some reason, the plumes for Soyuz (rocket, not the spacecraft) in my game don't look nearly as good as they do on the images on the first page. Mine aren't that big, even though I have RealPlume installed. I checked the RealPlume-Stock folder, and there doesn't seem to be anything related to Tantares or TantaresLV, even though the description of RealPlume says it has support for Tantares
  6. space_powder

    There's a second variant theme button?

    Oof, already finished reinstalling anyway, I only played on sandbox and never got beyond Duna, so nothing important was lost
  7. space_powder

    There's a second variant theme button?

    I think removing all my mods and reinstalling KSP should do it, right?
  8. space_powder

    There's a second variant theme button?

    Ah, I forgot to mention the most important part: It keeps coming back, every single time I delete it
  9. Here is the list of my mods (RealNames is for BDB which I haven't added yet, I was checking if the button will go away if I remove most of my mods): And here's an image of the problem I have, all this button does is contain a list of all parts (including mods): I have no idea how to get rid of it, any help? EDIT: The button mentioned is the beige teardrop on the left EDIT 2 (oof): I play on 1.4.5
  10. That is so damn beautiful, I wonder where the probe core for the booster is though Also it seems that the plume (using RealPlume) for the three engine burn on F9 doesn't exist, will this be fixed in the next update?
  11. TBH I think the crew cabin? windows should be a little bit bigger, or the black outlines thinner
  12. Oh man that's hot, any idea when it'll be released?
  13. I don't really want to get two new mods (Contares Core + Contares CSM) just for a nose cone, and I'd like to see the CST-100 in BDB's beautiful style
  14. Not sure if this was already asked before, but will you ever bring the CST-100 Starliner to go with the Atlas V?