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  1. Do you think it's possible to make a bulky life support unit backpack as a wearable prop? Something à la the Apollo PLSS, with holes for the regular EVA backpacks thrusters? I can't imagine going on EVA's without this mod now, it's so great! EDIT: should've read future plans, apologies
  2. Got two problems (although now that I write I should've posted in the ReDirect and PhotonCorp forum posts so apologies): 1. Using the edited Vector engines, they have the basic stock exhaust/engine effect. Mods listed below, running latest version (1.11.2 if I remember) 2. After the 4 segment SRB's from PhotonCorp burn out, decoupling them somehow smashes the nose cones into the ET, blowing it up. The nose cones should push them away from the tank, so I don't know why it happens unless it's because I'm using the standard ReDirect SRB decoupler with "foreign" boosters from
  3. I believe cobalt said some pages down that it's not likely, but your question got me wondering if, like you said, there will be any LM variants or not. I'm guessing only color variants?
  4. Do you have a craft file for that ISS? And would it work for 1.8.1?
  5. May I ask how the first stage is constructed? I don't see a Thor lower tank in there, because there's no ridged/ribbed section, are you using the 400 and 800 fuel tanks? Sorry if the question is a bit funky and not worded very well
  6. I understand if it's not really necessary, but are there any plans for inline parachutes in ReStock+? So I could slap a docking port on the top of a capsule without clipping chutes into it?
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