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  1. Hmm, what if I make a new group, painfully set all the statics to be in that group instead of KSC_Builtin, and then move that group? That should move all the statics with the group, no? EDIT: I give up
  2. Is there a way I could move everything in one go? I used KSC switcher to bring the regular old KSC closer to the shore in 2.5x rescale,. I think all the statics are in the KSC_Builtin group, but it isn't in the Edit Groups tab, so I can't move and edit it, which forces me to painfully move every static one by one
  3. I'm using 1.7.1, and the IR craft files don't seem to work (or maybe all of them, haven't checked yet), everytime I try to load one in it says it's incompatible with this version of KSP. Do I need to use 1.7.2?
  4. Is there a config for Snacks? The Soyuz spacecraft parts don't have any snacks but instead TAC resources which I don't really need
  5. Are the smaller ones actually used somewhere IRL or are they there just for fun?
  6. I'm assuming AVP 3.8 will work with the latest Scatterer? Or do I still need to use 0.0336?
  7. Doesn't work for me, it just removes the Vector engine completely. I put the .restockwhitelist file in GameData/ReStock and did all the steps accordingly (or atleast I hope so) but nothing is working
  8. Super late reply, but how do you 'whitelist' the part? I have Restock and reDIRECT and there's no SSME engine, only the Stock one (with Restock) that runs on LF/OX So how do I whitelist the Squad model?
  9. Damonvv did not create Kerbal Konstructs, why should he know?
  10. I'm assuming this won't have Buran part variants like Cormorant Aeronology? Still, I'm looking forward to flying this bad boy!
  11. Because this isn't supposed to be a 1:1 replica? It's designed for a 2.5x size system and not RSS, although someone correct me if they can
  12. Y'all got a way to easily control 2 boosters at once? I looked into kOS but I'm too big of a dummy for that, TCA Squadron Mode doesn't really work the way I want it too, and Burn Together is quite hard to setup right. Are there any other alternatives you guys know?