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  1. Can confirm, my delay time was 3s and seems like Damon is correct, it doesn't remember the settings.
  2. Not sure if anyone else has this issue, but I've been using the latest Tundra Exploration parts, and when I decouple the upper stage from the first stage and use FMRS to jump back to the latter, the upper stage decides to teleport back into said first stage and blows it all up, sending parts flying, even though the two stages have a lot of space inbetween them after decoupling. This is on the latest version on FMRS
  3. Has anyone discovered a reasonable fix (not slapping 100 separatrons on the rocket) for the decoupling issue? Even though I use 3s delay on FMRS so the upper stage has clearance, once I jump back to the 1st stage the 2nd stage instantly teleports itself, clipping through the interstage, destroying the grid fins and making the 2nd stage spin like crazy
  4. So if I want the expandable plumes for F9, do I need only SmokeScreen for them to work, or can I keep RealPlume and RealPlume-Stock for other mods that use it?
  5. Ah, I knew I missed a dependency, thanks so much!
  6. Seems like there are only 2 engine modes on the Octopus now, AllEngines and CenterOnly, because even the description of the part says "This cluster of engines are equipped with 2 modes". Am I missing a dependency This is on 1.5.1 with a hefty amount of mods (and the updated Ghidorah 9 parts from the github)
  7. Can confirm, playing on 1.5.1 and it works in 2.5x rescale, just the pads aren't near the shore anymore. Dunno how to move the entire KSC so I'm fine with this
  8. Don't you need Making History to launch from other pads? Or has this been fixed somehow?
  9. I can see the second stage engine doesn't have the orange pipes anymore, now replaced with grey ones. Will this be the same for the first stage engines? Gotta keep my rockets nice and futuristic with no funky things like hazard stripes
  10. Those are gorgeous, may I ask when they might arrive?
  11. space_powder

    A KSP Loading... Preview: Helmet Removal

    Finally, some fellas that agree that the kerbal parachute is horrendous when its slapped on the EVA backpack like that.
  12. Do you mean the latest release, That's the one I use rn in KSP 1.5.1 and the dropdown menu damonvv showed isn't there at all, unless you mean there will be another version released soonTM
  13. Sorry for the extremely late reply, but which dropdown menu do you mean? Statics Editor, Instance Editor, Launchsite Editor or the menu in the VAB/SPH? I can't seem to find the 'green light thing' you're talking about EDIT: If it's the Inflight Base Boss, then the only operational facility is my LZ-1, the launchpad isn't listed
  14. Does anyone know how much the Ghidorah 9 can lift into LKO in 2.5x rescale?