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  1. Do you have a craft file for that ISS? And would it work for 1.8.1?
  2. May I ask how the first stage is constructed? I don't see a Thor lower tank in there, because there's no ridged/ribbed section, are you using the 400 and 800 fuel tanks? Sorry if the question is a bit funky and not worded very well
  3. I understand if it's not really necessary, but are there any plans for inline parachutes in ReStock+? So I could slap a docking port on the top of a capsule without clipping chutes into it?
  4. IDCSP sats being deployed, JNSQ 6.6k orbit, probably not deployed how they're supposed to be (deployed one every couple of seconds ) and I doubt the orbit is realistic, but they do serve their purpose!
  5. What mod do you use for the decals, and could you share a link to a list of those you use? They really make any rocket shine!
  6. old quote I know, but this doesn't work for me. reflection refresh mode is set to medium and TU is installed (unless I need something else, but I don't know where that "something else" is). mk4 parts look dark. gonna try running it with d3d11 EDIT: yes running d3d11 did fix it
  7. 1.8.1 with JNSQ, I just have the standard KSC, no new pads or anything. Mods (not the whole list but all of the dependencies are in the image): EDIT: I may have gotten the wrong KerbinSide... That one is by Eskandre, time to see if it works now EDIT 2: it didnt
  8. Hmm, what if I make a new group, painfully set all the statics to be in that group instead of KSC_Builtin, and then move that group? That should move all the statics with the group, no? EDIT: I give up
  9. Is there a way I could move everything in one go? I used KSC switcher to bring the regular old KSC closer to the shore in 2.5x rescale,. I think all the statics are in the KSC_Builtin group, but it isn't in the Edit Groups tab, so I can't move and edit it, which forces me to painfully move every static one by one