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  1. Is it normal for GPU usage to ramp up all the way to 92-95% when looking at Earth from low orbit (about 300km)? Not a fan of running my GPU at 72*C even though those are still safe temps, but maybe it's just my cooling that is inadequate. Running KSP 1.12.5, modlist and computer specs are as follows: EDIT: found the culprit, after disabling EVE (and therefore the clouds) the gpu usage drops considerably, down to 40-50% from almost 100%
  2. Basically, I want to make a new variant for the A7LB suit in Benjee's Historical Suits mod, but with a blue commander stripe. However, when I open the A7LB-c_diff.dds file, it's mostly translucent/transparent/whatever? And I don't think just using the bucket tool on the stripe will work, since it won't be translucent then? And I feel like that'll mess up the texture? I've no clue how to approach this, so a little nudge in the right direction would be nice
  3. Running KSRSS Reborn with KatnissCapeCanaveral for KSRSS by TruthfulGnome, it seems to be working perfectly fine
  4. This may not be the right place to ask, but this whole mission report has really inspired me to start using SOCK again, with all the work put into it. How do you manage, or rather, do you have any issues with booster separation? I remember the Photon Corp nose cones (not sure about the aft separation motors) having trouble with that, and I'm just wondering if you opted to use clipped in separatrons in their place? Again, wonderful thread, beautiful images. Everything from the custom mission patches, orbiter textures, to the kit-bashing for maximum detail is just great. I hope to see a lot more pages in here!
  5. Is there a way to enable/disable the long distance shadow stuff while in-game? I sometimes turn them off during launches with a hefty amount of parts, but I do like the crisp shadows once I'm in space and things have settled down in terms of performance.
  6. If you mean the Skylab texture variants, I'm pretty sure that's how they're supposed to look like: only a part of the CM painted, probably the one facing the sun when docked
  7. Any tips on making the anti-aliasing look a bit nicer? Think mine's at max in regular KSP settings but I heard about scatterer (or was it TUFX?) borking them. Especially visible when there's thin parts like antenna booms (if that's the right word lol)
  8. It's a 3.75m ore tank from Restock connected with struts! And I slapped on a funky decal from Conformal Decals for the text
  9. Saturn 1C lifting a chonk into LKO as part of a test flight EDIT: speaking of Saturn 1C, would the singular F-1A engine even need to be insulated? The Saturn V had the F-1's insulated presumably because they were all in close proximity of each other so they got toasty
  10. Having slight issues with the Apollo capsule exploding on reentry (I play on JNSQ, heating is at 100%). I get my periapsis down to around 30-35 km, set COM to offset, kerbals upside down, etc. Although I have to shimmy my way through the whole period, i.e constantly bop the capsule up and down (SAS off) because it was constantly on the verge of overheating (which it does sometimes if I don't press anything). Hopefully these images can help: ps. Should I be reporting this on Github instead? Apologies
  11. Slightly confused; so apollo-saturn-revamp has the new Apollo/Saturn parts, but the master has the new Pioneer parts? So if I want both I should be getting the master and getting Parts/Saturn and Parts/Apollo? Or I could be reading file names wrong
  12. Should I be using a lofted trajectory for the revamped Saturn V? Seems like I always fly past apogee and start tumbling back down with the S-II stage still running. Playing with JNSQ EDIT: Tried PVG with the settings from the BDB wiki, 170 km and I circularized without S-IVB seperation. I like to keep my launches fairly accurate like the freak I am and I'm sure there's something I'm doing wrong
  13. How far in do I put the LM inside the petal fairing? It seems if I just attach it to the node without offsetting it down some tips and greebles on the legs clip through the petals (will try to add pictures soon because my game crashed ) Or could I have built the lander wrong?
  14. Having the same issue here, I switch to the very high preset and it's fine, but I turn some of the settings back off (like underwater caustics, and some other stuff I can't check rn) and the shadows are back to being all wierd and funky. Is there a specific setting that affects this? I don't think I can afford running at the very high preset
  15. Do you think it's possible to make a bulky life support unit backpack as a wearable prop? Something à la the Apollo PLSS, with holes for the regular EVA backpacks thrusters? I can't imagine going on EVA's without this mod now, it's so great! EDIT: should've read future plans, apologies
  16. Got two problems (although now that I write I should've posted in the ReDirect and PhotonCorp forum posts so apologies): 1. Using the edited Vector engines, they have the basic stock exhaust/engine effect. Mods listed below, running latest version (1.11.2 if I remember) 2. After the 4 segment SRB's from PhotonCorp burn out, decoupling them somehow smashes the nose cones into the ET, blowing it up. The nose cones should push them away from the tank, so I don't know why it happens unless it's because I'm using the standard ReDirect SRB decoupler with "foreign" boosters from another mod. Could also just be the flight profile going wrong. Again, apologies if this isn't the right place to ask. Images in spoilers
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