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  1. oH GaD i ClIcKeD tI awww man so we back in the mine
  3. Granted, but you're so bored, you die again. I wish for pie.
  4. Well... I made a post.





  5. made a post

    1. Pascovian


      neat, now there's more planets in ksp2


      now, this is EPIC

  6. I... made a post. Wow. Even if its just this once, i.. im so happy

    1. The Dressian Exploder

      The Dressian Exploder

      It's a lot to take isn't it. And to think we were excited by 1.8!

  7. Okay. This is HUGE news. I came out of hiding JUST TO POST THIS. I can't believe this. As a since-0.23 fan, I've missed out on alot of things. I DON'T CARE. IF MY PARENTS GIMME THE GO I'm getting this within 2 hours. I just... *sniff* You're growing up, KSP, growing up. I hope its gonna be the same price tho anyway OMFG SO HAPP ok going back into hiding now
  8. 42 (-) HAAAALLLLLLPPPPPPP!!!! Negative needs negative backup! It needs backdown! (or pukcab?)
  9. i have a discord now

    woo i guess


    1. HansonKerman


      join i guess



  10. Oh good!! THE TRAILER IS HEEERRREE! Mohole 1 was a smash hit (of sorts) and I am very excited to see the movie!!! @Oraldo revak, If i've learned anything from Mohole, it's that you, sir, are a professional.
  11. Oh good, I'm not the only one who noticed that!
  12. #TeamNegative

    Slapped a nice badge on my sig

  13. Driving too fast without a jet engine to keep you on the ground.
  14. https://store.steampowered.com/app/620/Portal_2/
  15. Yea they look nice and I think a few KSP devs have it but they're not neccesary. Kerbin looks just as nice without them (though Eve is a different story)
  16. Remove or lock this thread plz, I have found a solution.
  17. My goodness, that was aMAZING! Congratulations, that really took my breath away! Controlling throttle like that, steering like that, good job! (ps: the part where you broke the iron block below the red stone was funny
  18. New Breaking Ground Mun rover test. Gonna deploy some science and scan some rocks! Wish me luck!


    In its deployed state

  19. Kerbalism's thread title says "[literally every version since 1.4]". If you're fine with a lot of typing, maybe that?